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Sales Objections are the roadblocks in the way of your expanded income and your blossoming lifestyle.

Remove those roadblocks by asking questions about the sales objections that you find difficult to overcome.

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What are the sales objections that plague you the most ?

What sales objections cause you the most trouble ?

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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Everything Looks great!.... But I still need to get more quotes 
In home sales. One call close scenario. Gone through all of the steps in my sales process. Customer seems responsive. Have gotten "mini commitments" along …

handling objections when selling in Uganda 
Discuss in detail, and using local examples in Uganda,the techniques available for handling objections when selling.

I'm just looking 
"I'm just looking"

Getting people to see my offer and then committ 
I work a kiosk in the mall and if I can get them to my kiosk to explain what we do, I at least have a chance to set the appointment but getting there attention …

Informative presentation; please leave us your business card 
Your prospects say this; 'Well that was a very informative presentation. Thanks for your time. Can we keep this information? Please leave us with one of …

I don't have my credit card 
I love the promotion but I don't have a credit card with enough money on it right now!

No need ... my insurance covers me 
I sell insurance on rental vehicles "My insurance covers me." ... is what I hear a lot. "I decline everything." "My credit card covers me." The other …

Not the right time, call me in 6 months 
I sell general everyday products to large retailers. I often get the answer, "I am not looking at that product category at the moment." If I ask …

Customer Doesn't Order Enough 
My worst objection is that my suggested order quantity which I believe enough for one week (usually we make an order for a week) I'm not getting. Typically, …

"We're passing at this time" 
My worst objection is the one that is not defined; just, an email saying, 'were passing at this time". I cannot tell you how many times in my business …

"Not prepared at the moment" 
'Not prepared at the moment' How do you handle the above when selling services?

I'll Get Back to You 
post presentation customer ask my contact details and tells me that he will get back to me without any other clarification (don't reveal objection and …

Leaving the company... 
i am leaving the company so no point talking about your business...

The need to think it over objection 
Countless times in my workplace here at the gym people tell me they need to think more about it... Usually, I answer with, "what is it you need to think …

Not Prepared for Price of Products ... "Sticker Shock" 
"Sticker Shock" Typically I can get them to see value in the products, but it's not enough. I think they come to the meeting with the intention of spending …

"I Already Have other Suppliers" 
I have a NEW position with an old company trying to build business late in the game. There are at least three other Suppliers in my region that HAVE been …

I have enough business, don't need to advertise 
Small business owners and family owners, who have enough business

What to do when customer wants to shop around 
I can overcome most objections such as price, product fit, and so on. A lot of the training I receive helps to overcome these things. But what do I say …

I need to talk it over with my spouse first 
I need to talk it over with my spouse first Comment Often, I have to talk to my spouse is a stall. There is some doubt lingering in the back of …

Getting other quotes 
I get this one a lot, and I am not sure, what the best way to respond is... The prospect says "I am getting another two quotes, you know!". How should …

I already have a supplier 
"I already have an Avon Lady, thanks." or "I already have a store I buy my makeup at." Answer: Hi Daryl Ann, a pretty traditional objection. …

Selling Wine  
"I don't want to use my credit card." Answer Hi Frank, not sure I can be of much help. I sold mainly B2B and rarely sold for credit card payment. …

Carpet, flooring sales 
My customers always compare our price to a competitors lower grade product and thinks that our price is too high for them... SO most off I will get " can …

Overcome Objections 
How do I overcome sales objections ? Answer The best way to overcome objections is not to create them. During your sales interaction build enough …

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Not Ready to Buy Yet 
In our stores customers will ask about a product and then say they are not ready to buy need to think about it. Your help would be great. Thanks Jeff …

"I will take a look at it and give you a call!"-No urgency Not rated yet
The customer has offered the idea that their is a very low interest level in my product or service. However, the key to this is that they have to get another …

I need to sleep on it Not rated yet
when customer says I need to think about it..or I am meeting another one tomorrow or I want to take three estimates or I never closing any deals at the …

Decision Maker Clueless Not rated yet
The so - called decision maker doesnt even know whats happening to the product/service / solution and finally the sale. Comment Without more detail …

I don't know my partner deals with it! Comment Hi Simon, question, if this is your MOST COMMON SALES OBJECTION how is it that you keep talking …

Why are you calling me ? Not rated yet
In the first few seconds the prospect says, "Why the hell are you calling me for?" Comment Hi Simon, what a friendly opening gambit ? This person …

I Can't make a decision tonight Not rated yet
Can't make a decision tonight and no need of product. I sell replacement windows with installation. A guaranteed product and service. These are the …

Other Quotes Not rated yet
i want to get other quotes Answer Hi, if your attitude is one of wanting to help the customer you should want them to have other quotes to confirm …

Your service doesn't work for me  Not rated yet
1) Your service doesn't work for me. 2) I had a trial period and i just don't like it. 3) I am going with another company. 4) Your service is …

I need to talk to my spouse Not rated yet
I need to talk to my spouse, undecided Answer Hi Vanessa, Often, I have to talk to my spouse is a stall. What they are trying to do is to get …

Price Objections Not rated yet
How do you handle sales objections regarding price? Hi Robert, if you constantly get price objections it is a sign that you are not building value …

Treated LIke Typical Salesman Not rated yet
I walk in a lot of front doors to businesses selling merchant processing equipment. I am having a lot of trouble getting past the customer treating me …

Buy on Contract Not rated yet
When a customer says we buy off of a contract, what would be a good response to keep the conversation going? Answer The interesting thing with …

Failure to Close Not rated yet
I am a trainer in a call centre for the Travel industry. I am looking for suggestions for my staff to help overcome objections. One of the biggest …

I Need Quotes First Not rated yet
I need to get some more quotes first. Answer Hi Glyn, don't you get quotes first? It is rare for me to just buy something without comparing …

R.O.I. Not rated yet
I sell advertising to car dealerships (I know I know ... things have been better). When they are slow, and they are ... they get very conservative …

Do it Themselves Not rated yet
They have a relative or a friend that can repair their roof. Answer Oh, I can really relate to this one. The office where my wife and I have …

I need to talk to.. Not rated yet
I need to ask my husband before making a decision? Answer Often, I have to talk to someone else is not a real objection. It's certainly not very …

I'm Not Interested Not rated yet
I'm not interested... several of your peers have called me--don't call me anymore....... Answer It doesn't sound like your peers have done you …

Not Interested Not rated yet
What if customer says not interested ! Before I introduce myself.. ? Answer Hi Nirmal, can happen, depends what you are selling. If they suspect …

Sales Objections I Usually Encounter Not rated yet
"I can't trust you" "I can't do this over the phone" "I can't give you my details over the phone" "I thought everything is for free" Answer …

Client Relations Specialist/Mortgage Not rated yet
"We don't need to refinance/purchase a home" When rates are low, everyone probably needs to refinance. I just don't know how to turn that around and …

Prospect only want Part of my Offer Not rated yet
My salesjob is b2b of branded clothing. Branded clothing is Nike, Adidas, Puma, Levi’s, etc etc. This is my worst objection. I have a situation …

Think Not rated yet
How do I handle I want to think about it ? Hi Pete, Greg here. This is a very common objection. Actually, it's really a stall. That dreaded enemy …

David Camp Not rated yet
I never get objections anymore. Once you understand a customers values. Investigate how those values align with their current situation or not. Facilitate …

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Not a first timer Not rated yet
I never buy anything on the first day, I always think things over before making a decision. Comment from Greg Thanks for the comment Danny. It's good …

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