I need to talk it over with my spouse first

by Sales Associate

I need to talk it over with my spouse first

Often, I have to talk to my spouse is a stall. There is some doubt lingering in the back of their mind and they figure if they can talk it out with someone else there thinking will become clearer.

It is to your advantage if you can become that person they talk to about it.

Sometimes it's as easy as stating the obvious. "You seem to be hesitant, what is it that you are concerned about ?" Try and draw them out. You need them to state their concerns. If they say "its everything" you need to reply with something like, "yes, but what specifically"
And if after that they are still vague start offering options. "is it our payment terms " or "is it X..." etc.

The other thing you can say is, “Well, are you in favor of it?”

You ask them that because if they're not in favor of it, then how will it help you if they go and talk to someone else?

Now, if she is in favor of it, then you might say, "Go ahead and talk to your partner."

However, that is probably not the best approach, instead you might say, “If you're in favor of it, then let's all three of us get together so that we can all talk about it together.”


“Let's write up the agreement and put down that this agreement is canceled if your husband won't let you do it.”

I’ve often used a similar approach with professional buyers when I was selling B2B. Sometimes, you reach a point where a decision has to be made urgently and full technical approval has not yet been granted. I have taken orders under those conditions, “subject to final product approval”.

Hope this helps, Greg

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Oct 25, 2011
I nave to check w/ the wife
by: Dr. Science

If you had presented the question at the very beginning, right after the greeting, (Hello!..... My name is ________ Welcome to ________. What brings you in today?

Great! We've got those! What method of payment were you thinking of using today? (I'm closing the sale RIGHT NOW! Whatever positive answer they say, they just bought!)

Then: "Is everyone here that needs to be here to make the final decision?" if the answer is yes, then they cannot use the "Gotta talk to the wife" objection.

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