The articles on this site may be useful if you are new to the selling profession or in a sales slump.

In these pages I discuss some unconscious aspects of the selling process. Indeed, this is the focus of much of the information on this site.

Some may say this information is too advanced for a beginner. I do not agree.

It's better to get on the right track from the beginning. That way you don't have to go back and unlearn bad habits.

I hope you find this information useful.

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Number 1
This was my first article and it dscusses the importance of follow through in selling. Many sales are lost through lack of follow up on the prospect's original interest and questions.
Follow Through to Make More Sales

Number 2
Often as sales people all we have to work with is words. Here are two of the most powerful persuasion words.
Persuasion Words - one to use and one to avoid.

Number 3
Questions are a large part of the language of persuasion. We all know this , but what are the best questions to ask.
Language of Persuasion.

Number 4
This article discusses Listening and Questioning and how critical they are to selling. What are some questions you could ask and what are you listening for in your prospect's replies ?
Listening and Questioning.

Number 5
Sales questions form the basis of any sales methodology. Are you asking enough questions to define what your customer really wants ?
Sales Questions.

Number 6
Persuasion techniques are fine but you need determination to see it through to a positive result. This article relates a story about how being determined and using a little innovation got me a very important sales meeting.
Determination in Selling

Number 7
Issue No7 introduces Criteria as a sales tool. What is Criteria ? How do you find out your customer's real criteria for buying ? How do you use that information once you have it ?
To sell them, know THEIR buying Criteria

Number 8
If you want to generate any sales results you have to have an Intention. A clear intention is created by having a Well Formed Outcome. Once you have a clear Intention it will focus your attention on all sorts of opportunities related to your Intention.
Intention and Sales Outcomes

Number 9
All the best persuasion techniques in the world will not help you if you are not confident, enthusiastic and having fun.
Confidence and Sales.

Number 10
There are certain influence principles that apply to almost every person. These social influence principles are very powerful too and warrant your study of them if you would become a salesperson of influence. This article takes a look at one of those influence principles in action
Influence Principles.

Number 11
Rather than offering persuasion techniques Neil Rackman of SPIN Selling fame suggests being prepared and asking questions is the way to make the sale.
SPIN Selling

Number 12
Sales reframing can allow you to change, or reframe, a customer objection or preframe the whole sales meeting to your advantage. It is one of the most valuable verbal skills in selling.
Sales Reframing.

Number 13
Sales rapport is essential if you want to have a dialogue with the prospect and open up the lines of communication and trust in order to make a sale.
Sales Rapport.

Number 14
In this article I take a look at three especially good, and very different, salespeople and suggest that their uniqueness added to their sales abilities.
Be Yourself

Number 15
Issue No15 discusses how you can help a prospect become convinced that your offer is for them.
How to Convince your Prospect

Number 16
Issue No16 asks the question what part of the sales process are you allergic to.
Allergies to Selling ?

Number 17
This article relates the story of my first big sale. There are some valuable lessons to be learned.
Big Sales, part 1.

Number 18
This article continues the story of my first big sale.
There are some valuable lessons to be learned.
Big Sales, part 2.

Number 19
This article explain the Contrast Principle and gives some examples of it's use in selling.
You can use contrast to sell your product by changing the way it appears to your prospect

Number 20
Article No20 asks the question is there a specific sequence to follow in gaining a sale and in becoming a salesperson.
The steps to a Sale

Number 21
This article No21 suggests sales is not always smooth sailing so contingency plans are essential.
Back up Plans

Number 22
This article No22 introduces Anchoring as a valuable sales skill.
Anchoring in Sales

Number 23
Power words turn normal language into persuasive language.
Power Words.

Number 24
This article No24 suggests 10 big mistakes to avoid in selling.
Sales Mistakes

Number 25
Article No25 suggests how you say it is as important as what you say.
How You Say it.

Number 26
This article No26 relates a story from my sales career about an irate customer and how I dealt with it.
I'll Never buy from you again.

Number 27
This article No27 suggest that success comes in cans..all the things you can do.
Success Comes in Cans.

Number 28
This article No28 welcomes in 2005 and asks about life and sales.
Welcome 2005.

Number 29
This article No29 asks whether we pay attention to the clock or the speedo as we move through life.
Sales Focus or "The Clock Versus the Speedo"

Number 30
This article No30 suggests that some language we learned in school can be very persuasive.
Sales School, Elementary School

Number 31
Article No31 asks is there such a thing as a difficult customer.
Difficult Customers

Number 32
Article No32 looks at the influence principle of commitment and consistency.
Commitment and Consistency

Number 33
Article No33 asks you to define your success in the coming year.
Success this year

Number 34
Article No34 shows how to be answering sales objections with a neat little strategy.
Answering Sales Objections.

Number 35
Article No35 suggests the best questions to ask.
Questions, Needs and Wants

Number 36
Article No36 follows on with more distinctions about Needs and Wants.
Needs and Wants, 2.

Number 37
Article No37 deals with your beliefs and how they affect your sales results.
Beliefs and Sales.

Number 38
Issue No38 suggests ten things NOT to say.
Ten things NOT to Say.

Number 39
Issue No39 deals with a common sales objection.
I need to speak to..

Number 40
Issue No40 asks what do you need to do to ensure Your Sales Success in 2007.
2007 …007 year.

Number 41
Issue No41 explores your prospect's decision making process.
Where do your prospects make decisions.

Number 43
Issue No43 explains how aspects of our life purpose relate to sales.
Sales and Life Purpose.

Number 44
Issue No44 introduces NLP into the realm of persuasion.
What is NLP?
How can it be used in persuading ?
How much more effective can it make you ?
NLP Persuasion.

Number 45
No45 reviews "The Little Red Book of Selling".
Little Red Book of Selling.

Number 48
This article relates to Influence Tactics.
What are thew influence tactics you can use?
Which tactic is the right one to use?
Influence Tactics.

Number 50
This article relates to Friendly Persuasion.
How can we define friendly persuasion?
Does it really exist ?
Friendly Persuasion

Number 53
I discuss some specific techniques used in selling as distinct from what I call selling models that bring together a bunch of techniques that fit into a pattern.
Selling Techniques

Number 54
In this article in mention the "R" word and talk about selling in a recession.
Selling in a Recession

PNumber 55
This is a story about my dealings with a notoriously tough buyer.
The Tough Buyer

Number 58
Are you a fair weather sales person or are you prepared to earn your salary and commissions by making sales when it's hard ?
Selling During Tough Times

Number 59
How to Win Friends and Influence People was a landmark sales book in it's day. It's still a valuable read today.
How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Number 63
Indeed it is Words that sell. What else have we got to sell with but words? Which words and how do we structure our sales language to achieve our sales goals?
Words that Sell

Number 64
If you are going to make sales you need to know how to influence people.
How to Influence People

Number 65
If you are in sales you'll need to know how to sell on the phone and there are telesales techniques that will help you with that.
Telesales Techniques

Number 66
The use of artful Sales Language will do more to boost your sales than most things you can learn about selling.
Sales Language

Number 67
Using hypnotic selling can be easier than you think and can definitely improve your sales results.
Hypnotic Selling

Number 68
Since we sell to PEOPLE and selling is about PERSUASION the psychology of persuasion is valuable information for the professional salesperson to have.
Psychology of Persuasion

Number 69
Selling is not just about the words you say or what your prospect says. There is a myriad of other communication going on below the surface, this is where subliminal persuasion exists. 
Subliminal Persuasion

Number 70
Do you follow a selling system, some sales trainers think this is counter productive. Read my comments and a well know sales trainer's. 
Selling System

Number 71
Making assumptions when you are selling can be very costly.
Never Assume

Number 72
Heard About the Deaf and Dumb Salesperson?
Deaf and Dumb Salesperson

Number 73
Sell the Way They Buy
The Way They Buy

Number 74
Plainly, the advantage in telesales belongs to the caller who can establish rapport and lead the prospect or customer. Yet, any telemarketer can tell you how hard
Telesales Training

Number 75
Communication skills training is necessary because at times communication can be much more complicated than that simple description. It is even more challenging when selling because you not only want the receiver to hear and understand you but to be convinced enough to give you their money AND to be happy about it!
Communication Skill Training

Number 76
Can anyone be a top salesperson?
Is it something you are born with or can excellent sales skills be learned?
Sales, Do You Have What it Takes

Number 77
Every sale involves your prospect making a decision to buy or not buy or whether to buy from you or from somebody else.
How do people make these decisions?

Number 78
What would be your ideal sales week and how would you create it?
Your ideal sales week

Number 79
Keep improving ... "you are either green and growing or ripe and rotting"
Are You Improving?

Number 80
The first sales call is very important
Don't Blow the First Sales Call

Number 81
NO, you'll hear it a lot in sales.
What do You Think About a NO?

Number 82
How do you feel about being a Salesperson?
Proud to be a Salesperson

Number 83
Is sales training effective?
Why Sales Training Fails

Number 84
In your pre-call preparation, do you plan or do you strategise?
Planning versus Strategy

Number 85
In Success rewards persistence, especially in sales
Success Rewards Persistence

Number 86
In B2B Sales you need to time travel forward and assess where your prospect is at and adjust your approach accordingly
Sales and Time Travel

Number 87
Is it different selling to SMBs (small to medium businesses)
Selling to SMBs 

Number 88
Is it possible to have a slow week in sales ?
A Slow Week

Number 89
Is there a magic sales question that turns people into buyers ?
The Magic Sales Question

Number 90
Is there such a thing as a perfect life in sales?
Perfect Sales Life?

Number 91
How do sales professional handle rejection?
Rejection and Sales Professionals

Number 92
What Sells NOW ?
Benefits Alone NO Longer Sell

Number 93
A funny article about an incident at work
Just a Woman

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