Sales, Needs v Wants

Ask for the Needs or Wants?

If you had to make a choice to ask a prospect either,

"What do you need ?, or ,
"What do you want ?",
which choice would you make ?

Is there a difference ?

Try this out now. 
Think of something you are thinking about buying.
Now ask yourself, "What do I need in a …?" 
Write down your answers.

Now think of something else you are considering to purchase.
Now ask yourself.
"What do I want in a …?" 
Write down your answers.

Is there a difference ?

If you are like most people (most = more than half) your answer to the first question would be a list of things you "need". 
The answer to the second question can often be different in that the list can be more like the following. 
" I need X and Y, I want Z and I'd like to have A and B.

This brings up several significant points.

If you ask a prospect what they need and their answer is framed around "needs" then what they state is pretty well non-negotiable. 
If, however, they tell you they need X&Y, want Z and would like A & B, you have room to negotiate on three items.

Something Else to Notice

There is something else in the response to the second question that you may like to take note of.

The requirements of the prospect are now in a hierarchy. 
You know what's MOST important to them. 
Not only that but you know the words they use to define that importance.

These words that add juice to our rules or preferences are called Modal Operators. 
They are words like:
wish, like, want, need, have to, can, must, will..etc.
These words can have a different effect on different individuals.
They have an importance often unique to each person.

So, once you have someone's Modal Operators, you can be much more influential if you use those words when you respond to them.
This is very personal influence.

Use This to Your Advantage

So if they tell you their new car has to be economical and has to be at least 2.0 litres engine capacity and has to have 4 doors and they'd like it in red with shiny mags.

You first repeat that back to them (because it will be music to their ears).

"So, let me make sure I've got this right, you are after a car that has to be economical, it has to have at least 2.0 litres engine capacity and it has to be a 4 door, and you'd like it in red with shiny mags. Have I got it right ?"

When they say "Yes".
You follow with, 
"Well then, I have a car over here you simply have to take a look at."

There are more subtleties that go along with this approach but you'll have to wait for next month to read about them, won't you?

Until next month,Here's to YourSalesSuccess.