Sales; Needs v Wants, 2

I promised last month to go over some subtleties about a prospect's needs and wants.

As you remember last month we found out that if we ask the right question we can get a prospects needs, wants, likes etc which is, in effect, their hierarchy of desires as well as their Modal Operators(need, want, etc which are very important words to them in the context that you are discussing).

So, if I can bring back to your memory our fictitious buyer from last week who was buying a car. 
Remember they were looking to buy a new car and it, " has to be economical and has to be at least 2.0 litres engine capacity and has tohave 4 doors and they'd like it in red with shiny mags.

After you have repeated back to them these words and got their agreement that this is indeed what they are after, and simultaneously gained some sales rapport by the way, you are in a position to ask some questions that will get you some more interesting information.

The next question/questions is/are:
"Why do you want X?" 
"What's important about X?" 
"What will having X do for you, or get you?" 

Let's put these questions to our car buyer above.

"Why does the car have to be economical?" 
They respond, 
"Well, I have a young family to think about and I can't afford to fritter money away on cars and fuel and repairs."

"Why does the car have to have at least 2 litres engine capacity?" 
They respond, 
"Well, when we go camping we take quite a bit of gear with us and if the engine isn't powerful enough it's just not safe to transport my family."

"And, the four doors?" (as if we didn't know) 
"Hey, have you ever tied to get a couple of young kids into and out of a 2 door car?"

"And why would you like a red colour?" 
"I've always wanted a red car and besides I've been told it's a very safe colour."

OK, do you see what's common amongst these answers?

Yes, it's the focus on the children / family.

We now know that our friend's Dominant Buying Motive (DBM) is his family.

When it comes time to be really convincing and it's getting close to the close, we need to refer to his DBM.

"So Mr/Mrs X your car has to be economical and has to be at least 2.0 litres engine capacity and has to have 4 doors and you'd like it in red with shiny mags.

Well, you're in luck; we have just the car on site today. 
It's a red 2.2 litre, 4 door and it's the most economical in its class as voted by the National Motorists Association. 
If you really like the shiny mags we can have them fitted at a very reasonable price. 
Do you know that this car was voted by "Family Magazine" as the most practical car for a young family. 
I can just see you and your family piling into it and heading off into the hills. 
I can hear the children in the back laughing and you'll feel good because it has the power you have to have and the economy too.

"How confident are you that this is the car you've been after for your family?"

(Aside: Can you read what I have done in the last two sentences of the second paragraph above?)

Can you see the personal influence in this approach ?

I wont go any further today.

There is still more to discuss about this line of questioning but it'll have to wait for a few more months.

Until next month,Here's to YourSalesSuccess.

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