Experienced in B2B Sales

You've been selling B2B for some time.

If you are here I'm guessing you're either in a slump or you are looking for ways to take your sales to the next level.

No-one likes their sales results to look like Person A below.


What is the difference between salesperson A and salesperson B?

I see this happening all the time in companies, and it’s not unusual to see some salespeople almost double the result of others. 

People selling the same product line from the same company, and they both lean on the same marketing and lead generation provided by the company.

Basically, their main contribution is the sales conversation.

What makes the difference?

I have listened to a lot of sales conversations, and the difference between the high-performing salespeople and everyone else is obvious.

For a start, Salesperson B makes their prospects feel MUCH more comfortable than Salesperson A does.
Salesperson B also focuses on outcomes while Salesperson A is still stuck on features and benefits.
They have such a powerful way of communicating and influencing that they don’t need pressure, scarcity and false urgency to sell.
That is just a few observations. For more ... 

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