Persuasion Techniques and Selling techniques that
can change your life

How well are the selling techniques and persuasion techniques you are using working for you?

Are you making all the sales you want to ?

Are you getting to talk to enough prospects ?

When you have a sales meeting are your prospects interested and attentive ?

How well do you get along with your prospects ?

How well are you coping with the changes brought about by the CoVid epidemic ?

Discover a Better Way to Make Sales

What if there was a way to have a more positive impact, make more sales, make more money, have more fun while doing it, and actually have more time to enjoy the lifestyle possible with that extra income?

It is possible. I know because I did it.

Which salesperson would you rather be in the graph below, Person A or Person B ?


Read the story of Sarah and Tom. One of them discovered a better way and learned to understand their prospects on a deeper level, to communicate more effectively, and to handle objections with ease.
Their story is a testament to the power of customer-centric selling and the impact it can have on your sales results.

"Once upon a time, in a buzzing world of commerce, two seasoned salespeople, Tom and Sarah, plied their trade, but their philosophies were galaxies apart. ..."

To read their story, click here. 

Overcome Your Sales Roadblocks

Do any of these things happen to you ?

  • Struggle to get people to talk to you
  • Sit in front of a disinterested prospect
  • Deal with people who just can't understand the value of your offer
  • Spend too much time at work and too little doing what you want - time with friends or family or hobbies
  • Have prospects you just can't seem to get along with 
  • Have difficulty making that first call in the morning
  • Run into objections that derail your selling process
  • Get criticised by your sales manager 
  • Have difficulty picking up the phone to make that next call

These things don't have to derail your sales

Look, in the dynamic and often challenging realm of sales, the hurdles of rejection, negative feedback, and the constant demand for results can take a toll on even the most seasoned professionals.

But what if the key to not just surviving, but thriving was only a story away ...

Read Here

How Do These Roadblocks Make You Feel ?

And I know sometimes you might feel:

  • Demotivated
  • Frustrated
  • Anxious
  • Tired
  • Confused
  • Rejected
  • Hesitant 
  • Isolated

I experienced many of these struggles and feelings myself during my 23 years of B2B selling, especially in the early days.

Who was it that got over these feelings, was it Sarah or Tom ?

Work Harder and Longer Hours ?


Your managers or colleagues will try to tell you to work harder.

As if you’re not already working hard.

Traditional and often outdated sales advice will offer solutions like..
“turn more, earn more”.
(in other words talk to more people)
The problem with that is your income is limited by the work hours in a day.
You could end up stuck in a cycle of spending more and more time working, to the point where there is no time left for a life.

Really, do you think the difference between Person A and Person B's results are working longer hours ?

Assuming these two sell the same product from the same company, and they both lean on the same marketing and lead generation provided by the company, how do THEY make a difference?

So, basically, their main contribution is the sales conversation.

I see results like the above all the time in companies, and it’s not unusual to see some salespeople almost double the sales of others. 

What makes the difference?

For one thing, the more successful salesperson makes their prospect feel MUCH safer than an unsuccessful one.

But you can learn more by reading ...

The Story of Sarah and Tom