Persuasion Techniques and Selling techniques that
can change your life

How well are the selling techniques and persuasion techniques you are using working for you?

Are you making all the sales you want to ?

Are you getting to talk to enough prospects ?

When you have a sales meeting are your prospects interested and attentive ?

How well do you get along with your prospects ?

How well are you coping with the changes brought about by the CoVid epidemic ?

What's Your Situation

You may be:

  • New to selling and struggling to make sales
  • An established salesperson but no longer making the sales you used to make
  • A business owner who has a great product or service  but can't get buy in
  • A consultant that's not doing enough consulting
  • Quite successful at selling and want to take your results to the next level
  • Unable to cope with this “virtual selling”

No Matter what your situation Selling doesn’t have to be hard. 

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Do You Hit These Roadblocks ?

Do any of these things happen to you ?

  • Struggle to get people to talk to you
  • Sit in front of a disinterested prospect
  • Deal with people who just can't understand the value of your offer
  • Spend too much time at work and too little doing what you want - time with friends or family or hobbies
  • Have prospects you just can't seem to get along with 
  • Have difficulty making that first call in the morning
  • Run into objections that derail your selling process
  • Get criticised by your sales manager 
  • Have difficulty picking up the phone to make that next call

These things don't have to derail your sales

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How Do These Roadblocks Make You Feel ?

And I know sometimes you might feel:

  • Demotivated
  • Frustrated
  • Anxious
  • Tired
  • Confused
  • Rejected
  • Hesitant 
  • Isolated

I experienced many of these struggles and feelings myself during my 23 years of B2B selling, especially in the early days.

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Work Harder and Longer Hours ?

Your managers or colleagues will try to tell you to work harder.

As if you’re not already working hard.

Traditional and often outdated sales advice will offer solutions like..
“turn more, earn more”.
(in other words talk to more people)
The problem with that is your income is limited by the work hours in a day.
You could end up stuck in a cycle of spending more and more time working, to the point where there is no time left for a life.

And surely, it makes more sense to improve your selling  techniques and persuasion techniques so you make more sales per hour (and make bigger sales) rather than working more and more hours to get ahead ?

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It's Not Your Lack of Effort

I believe itʼs not your lack of trying that’s holding back your sales results, itʼs more likely because of the lack of know-how and skills. 

Specifically selling techniques and persuasion techniques.

Especially in these changing times.

What if there is an better way ?

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Hi Greg,

I am forever grateful for your mission of helping salespeople around the globe to raise the bar of service in this profession through your free articles and sharing of experiences even offering to sales coach.

My perspective about selling raised to a new level since reading some of the articles yesterday... Marcelino

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Better Persuasion Techniques

What if there was a way to have a more positive impact, make more sales, make more money, have more fun while doing it and actually have more time to enjoy the lifestyle possible with that extra income?

And all this is possible if you have the right skills.

With these new skills and selling techniques youʼll be able to:

  • Understand what's important to your prospect
  • Speak so that prospect understands the value of your offer
  • Hear things that your prospect says and then understand how to sell to THEM
  • Understand how people buy
  • Connect with people virtually
  • Increase your ability to get any prospect involved in a open conversation
  • Enhance the buying experience of your customers 
  • Be able to modify your language to appeal specifically to each client
  • Be able to do less selling and allow the client to do more buying
  • Shorten your sales cycle

What if you could ... 
Experience your dream lifestyle with your bigger sales income
Hear the accolades from your workmates and manager

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The info is very helpful and productive... Gurbir Singh

Start Getting Better Selling Techniques

You may be wondering "where do I start ?"

Well, you could get some free information including helpful selling techniques and hints via the articles on this site. You can find the articles by clicking on the "Free Stuff” button in the navigation bar near the top of this page.

You could explore other parts of this site (using the navigation bar above), which discuss some of the selling models and persuasion techniques on the market today, give some snippets of my approach and reviews some of the popular selling and persuasion books. 

Hi, Iʼm Greg and thatʼs my “mugshot" at the top of the page.

I worked as a salesman for almost 25 years selling to professional buyers in the business market.
I would have sold 200 different products at various times in 15 different industries. Many parts of those sales I made were done remotely, the old school way, over the phone.

I was lucky enough to have excellent mentors in my first sales job and I learned a lot but it was what I discovered later in my career that really caused my sales to blossom.

These selling techniques that I learned later in my sales career are the ones I’d like you to know [and use].

You see, I believe you can work 40 hours a week and make $X sales or you can work 40 hours a week and make $2X sales and whether you do or not is up to you.

My mission is to make your life in sales easier and more rewarding, so you can ...
Serve, Sell and Enjoy and experience YourSalesSuccess 

Whether you are just starting out in sales or a seasoned campaigner or even if you have your own business and just want to be able to sell more in less time … together we can make that happen.

Seriously, the world changed in 2020 and these changes are only just beginning. You can’t rely on old sales approaches or “what worked for you in the past” because “the past does not equal the future”.
I think 2020 really taught us that.
You owe it to yourself and maybe your loved ones to up-level your techniques and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

This site exists to make your life in sales easier and more rewarding.
Whether you want to make more money for your children's education or whether you want to have more time and money to enjoy yourself, Iʼd like to help..

It would be my pleasure to help you to ... Serve, Sell and Enjoy

Here's to ...
Your Sales Success.