Double Your Sales with these Persuasion Techniques

How are you sales looking ?

Are you behind quota ?
Do you know how to address this issue ? 

Maybe you are just starting out in sales and in need of a sales boost ?
Do you know what to do and how to do it ?

If your sales are on target, any ideas how you might be able to exceed budget ?

If you are often above your sales targets any idea how you might go to the next level ?

Is meeting your budget becoming easier or more of a struggle ?


Hi Greg,

I am forever grateful for your mission of helping salespeople around the globe to raise the bar of service in this profession through your free articles and sharing of experiences even offering to sales coach.

My perspective about selling raised to a new level since reading some of the articles yesterday... Marcelino

Hi, I’m Greg and that’s my “mugshot" at the top of the page. 

I worked as a salesman for almost 25 years selling to professional buyers in the business market. I was lucky enough to have excellent mentors in my first sales job and I learned a lot but it was what I discovered later in my career that really caused my sales to blossom. 

Traditional and often outdated sales advice will offer solutions like..
“turn more, earn more”.
The problem with that is your income is limited by the work hours in a day.
You could end up stuck in a cycle of spending more and more time working, to the point where there is no time left for a life.

What if there is an better way ?

Surely, it makes more sense to improve your face-to-face sales skills so you make more sales per hour (and make bigger sales) rather than working more and more hours to get ahead ?

And improving your earnings per hour is possible by using the right skills. 

You may not be improving that rate right now but I’d imagine it’s not for the lack of trying, it’s more likely because of the lack of know-how and skills.

And one of the major skills you need to have in sales in Language.
The way you use words (and hear them) will largely determine your sales success.

Language skills enable you to communicate in the most effective way to the person your are talking with
... to hear what they are really saying
... to understand what's important to them
... to arrange what you are going to say in a way that they can hear and understand 
... to motivate them to act

After all as Rudyard Kipling said, "Words are THE most power drug used by mankind".

Think about how countries (and even the whole world) have been aroused by the words they have heard. Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mohandas Ghandi, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King all changed the world and largely by the words they spoke. All you have to do in change the ideas in the head of your prospect and you can learn to use words just like these great people did.

How will you know you lack these skills ?
(Apart from a lack of sales growth)

You may notice some of the following:

  • Dreading the next objection THOSE customers will come up with
  • Customers who just can't understand the benefits of your offer
  • Spending too much time at work and too little with your loved ones
  • Customers you just can't seem to get along with
  • Struggle to get yourself to make that first call in the morning
  • Dread at the thought of making a cold call

If you'd like to know a way to approach selling that'll help you close more sales, . . . .  read on.

When you learn to all in a better way you’ll:

  • Understand what's important to your prospect
  • Hear things that your prospect says and understand how to sell to THEM
  • Understand how people buy
  • Increase your ability to get any prospect involved in a open conversation
  • Enhance the buying experience of your customers
  • Be able to modify your language to appeal specifically to each client
  • Be able to do less selling and allow the client to do more buying
  • Shorten your sales cycle


The info is very helpful and productive... Gurbir Singh

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