The Story of Sarah and Tom's Sales Journey
Part 1

Once upon a time, in a buzzing world of commerce, two seasoned salespeople, Tom and Sarah, plied their trade, but their philosophies were galaxies apart.

Tom, with years of experience under his belt, still clung to the old “common ground” approach to gain rapport. Day in and day out, he sought the next big sale, the next hefty commission. He dreamt of being the top sales shark, with every trick in the book at his disposal. For him, it was all about the next flashy technique and rapid gains. Prospects weren’t people to Tom; they were opportunities, mere numbers on his way to his sales target. Despite his experience, he found himself baffled by dwindling returns and mounting frustrations.

Sarah, in contrast, viewed her years in sales as a journey of service. For her, selling was not a mere transaction; it was an act of assistance. The coins and bills were just tools, never the endgame.
She lived by the mantra,
“You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want”
Every conversation she had wasn’t about making a sale but making a difference. In her heart, she firmly believed that true sales was about trust and education, and she acted accordingly. Listening, for Sarah, was a treasure, and she made sure to listen twice as much as she spoke, genuinely delving into her prospects’ needs and desires.


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Years ago, Sarah had questioned the textbook tactic of finding commonalities to build rapport. She had stumbled upon the technique of unconscious rapport – mirroring and matching her clients without them even realizing. Since then, she'd practiced and perfected it until it was second nature.

Because of that, her interactions transformed. Prospects no longer saw her as just another salesperson but as a trusted confidant. They relaxed around her, opened up, and often, the sales just followed. It wasn’t just about numbers for Sarah; she relished the joy of genuinely helping someone.

And because of this deep-rooted philosophy, she not only closed more deals but forged lasting relationships. Her focus on the customer's genuine needs and long-term value outshone any short-term gain. Sarah's approach became her legacy, setting her apart in the sales world, making her a beacon of success and authenticity.

On the flip side, Tom, despite his veteran status, was getting more disillusioned. He stuck to his scripts, hoping the next one would be the silver bullet. But he felt the strain, the lack of genuine connection, the increasing number of missed opportunities. He yearned for the effortless rapport Sarah seemed to have, the long-lasting client relationships she built, and the consistent success she enjoyed.

While Sarah's methods started bearing fruit, creating deeper relationships with her prospects, Tom was still clinging to his old tactics, hopeful of discovering that one golden technique.

As Sarah delved deeper into understanding her clients, something groundbreaking came her way.
What was this game-changer Sarah discovered?
And how much further behind would Tom fall if he didn't adapt?