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How do you react to sales objections?

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Have you ever experienced the following ?

You are in front of one of your biggest accounts.
You've asked the right questions and gave a dynamic presentation.
So much money hinges on this client's answer.
Your heart is beating rapidly.
Your hands feel clammy.
The time has come to ask for the order.
You take a deep breath and say, "Let's do it!"

But, the client pauses and says, "I’m just not sure.
I need to think about it.
Call me in six months.
"End of the road? No! Sale in six months? No!
More than likely the client is ready to buy and is just afraid of making an immediate decision.
If his fears were eliminated, he'd buy now !
This is where your objection handling skills come into play.

So, why do so many salespeople leave with no sale?

They never learned about hanging in there to get the sale.

Why Sales Objections

Whether you've been selling for a day, a week, or a number of years, you know that no matter how good your persuasion techniques are whenever you make sales calls, there are obstacles to making a sale. That’s why these skills are so important.

So why does this happen ?

Well, if you were selling the perfect product and made the perfect sales call objections would not come up. Since neither you nor your product are perfect then it’s likely that you’ll encounter them.

Objections are a natural part of the selling process. If there are none, it could mean that the prospect is apathetic. Objections show interest and enable the salesperson to give more information to the prospect. The more information the prospect has, the easier it is to make the sale. Hence sales objections are part of the process that results in the prospect getting the information he needs to decide to buy.

So. ... what attitude should YOU have about Objections?

What do some well know sales trainers think about this ?

"Champions have almost an affection for even the peskiest objection" (Tom Hopkins)

"There is no such thing as an 'objection,' and therefore there is nothing to 'overcome."' There are only questions. (Plotkin,).

I can stay resourceful and creative if I only ask myself, "What's great about this question?" (Robbins)

"Objections are the rungs on the ladder to sales success." (Tom Hopkins)

Attitude towards Objections

Aim to develop a positive attitude towards objections so that you truly welcome them. 

Remember, every product has some problems. 
"There's not a product or service on the market that doesn't have some built-in objections and at least a few minor problems." (Hopkins). 
You will never sell anything that doesn't have some weaknesses that couldn't be improved. 
So, study the weak points and turn them into advantages.

While it is almost guaranteed you will get sales objections if you’ve failed to established need, rapport, credibility or trust, objections are really your opportunity to sell.

They give you insight into what the prospect is thinking, a chance to focus on the major issues that concern your prospect, which allows you to plan the next step of the sales presentation and turn those objections to your advantage in order to make the sale.

Dealing with them is all about being prepared. You must know how you plan to turn around each objection you face and since they are simply the manner in which prospects communicate their status in the buying process they’re crucial to understand. 

It's very important you learn how to deal with rejection.

Types of Objections

There are three forms of Objections.

Do You know what they are ?

Do you know how to deal with each?

Read more about the types of sales objections.


Real Objections

There are only a few REAL Objections.
Zig Ziglar says there's 5.
I think 6

Do you know what they are ?

Click through here to find out about real sales objections.

How NOT to Respond to Objections

There are certain things you should NEVER do in responding to a sales objection

Firstly, “Never, but never Argue”

The customer is not always right but the customer is always the customer.

Anyway, even if you win the argument you’ll lose the sale.

For 9 more “not to dos” read how not to handle sales objections.

Overcoming Sales Objections

How to overcome objections is one of the most critical and hardest parts of selling.

Uncovering and dealing with sales objections challenges you intellectually and emotionally. 

It requires that you know not only your product, but yourself and your prospect as well. 

Product knowledge, creativity, sales tools, and confidence in yourself, your product, and your company must all come together in dealing with them to close the sale. 

You must combine technique with honesty and conviction to get the prospect to resolve any lingering doubt or conflict.

Read more about How do You Overcome Objections.


The info is very helpful and productive... Gurbir Singh

How Handle Sales Objections - A Roundup

In Overcoming Sales Objections (above) I gave you my basics for dealing with objections.

Here I have curated 20 tips on handling objections from 4 authority sales sites.
Read more about how to handle sales objections.

Answering Sales Objection - Two Methods

"There are many ways of answering sales objections.

And as we do, keep in mind that the process of answering sales objections involves keeping the conversation going so that you can uncover the real objection (if the objection just expressed is not the real one) and to get the client to hear themselves stating their objections.

It then comes down to reframing their objection (if you still need to) and building the value of your solution."

Read more about two methods of answering sales objections.

Feel, Felt, Found Technique

“Feel Felt Found" would be a well known objection handling technique to any of you that have been involved sales for some time. It a technique that has been used for a long time. This gives rise to advantages and disadvantages.

To read more about feel, felt, found, including advantages and disadvantages 

A REALLY Good Sales Objection Response Question

I’ve been around in sales for a long time and probably thought I’d heard just about everything in terms of responding to objections.

But last week I was surprised to get an email from another sales trainer that referenced an objection response delivered during an interview with Mark Zuckerberg?

Click here to watch the video and read my comments about a really good objection response.


Hi Greg,

I am forever grateful for your mission of helping salespeople around the globe to raise the bar of service in this profession through your free articles and sharing of experiences even offering to sales coach.

My perspective about selling raised to a new level since reading some of the articles yesterday... Marcelino

I’ll Never Buy from You Again

This was a really tough objection I was hit with on a couple of occasions.

It's one of the more definite sales objections.

Have you ever heard those words in your sales career?

Take a moment and think about how you would react to that statement.

Seriously, I want you to ... STOP .... and think about it.

How would YOU respond?

Click the following link to read how I handled one such occasion.
I'll never buy from you again

Preframe in Advance to Minimise Objection

I often used to use this method. 

For example, you indicate to your client that a problem is about to happen.
Best to do this while they are still under contract.
The problem might be the late availability of goods or an imminent price increase.
Of course, you have overstated the late ETA or the magnitude of the price increase.

So, now when you present the bad news it's not as bad as they had expected and they are relieved rather than agitated.

Click the following link to read more.
Sales Reframing

Common Sales Objections

There are a number of sales objections that come up again and again even in very different industries.

If you want to progress in sales you need to uncover the objections that come up most often in your market and be skilled and practiced at dealing with this objections.
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The Sales Objection Forum

Ask a question that will help you overcome the objections that are holding you back

You can ask questions, leave a comment, share your opinions, even write a full page and tell us about you and your situation.

To ask a question or leave a comment just open the Forum at objections in sales 

Isolating Objections

I believe there are only 6 real sales objections and part of the objection handling process is to isolate the real objection(s) from the stalls and smokescreen so you can deal with them.

Read more about isolating objections.