Personal Influence can Multiply
Your Sales

You are Always Selling to A Unique Person 

Using Personal Influence you modify your approach

to the unique individual in front of you

Ever had this happen to you?

You're in a sales call and you've opened the lines of communication.
Everything is running smoothly.

You think you've worked out what they want.
You present your offer and Nothing ? 
They don't seem to get it.

You just can't motivate them to act?

You give them:

  • Case studies, testimonials, graphs on presentation – nothing
  • Lots of details about your product or service - nothing
  • Explanation how it's "State of the Art" Revolutionary Technology- nothing
  • All the benefits they accrue - nothing

What's going on are they from another planet?

If this has been happening to you perhaps I can help.

What if I told you the reason people didn't respond to your sales approaches is because your approach is not targeted to them.

Sure, if you are good at selling you've engaged them in conversation, you have discovered their, (or their company's), problems and you've pitched your product but what do you know about the person you are pitching to?

You may be presenting the information to them the way you would like to hear it but that's not the way they need to hear it.

Think about fishing. 
What do you put on the end of a hook? 
Chicken Curry?
A nice piece of Steak?
No !
You may like all those things. 
If you want to catch fish it's likely you will bait your hook with a prawn (shrimp for you Americans) or a worm or a fly because that is what the fish wants.

And if you know fishing you know the best bait for the fish you want to catch ... they don't all like the same food. They may even like a different food on a different day.

So when you are fishing for an order you not only need to understand and present to what your prospect wants. You need to present it in a way that is tailored to them and designed to motivate them to act.

Ok, how interested would you be if I said that there were seven main triggers that can get your prospect motivated?

What if there were seven simple questions you could ask in order to know "How to motivate your prospect"?

What if once you had the answer to these questions you would know exactly the words to use to get your prospect's attention and motivate them to act?

How useful would it be?

Apply this advice and you'll:

  • Be surprised at the extra rapport you'll get with people
  • Understand why testimonials means nothing to some people
  • Understand why all those technical details don't help
  • Understand why they are not interested in your revolutionary technologies
  • Understand why they seem "ho-Hum" about benefits you offer.

An more importantly you'll be able to structure your language to be just the way they can really hear it causing them to be motivated to act on your proposal.

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