What do you think about “NO” ?

As a sales coach I know that how people handle a “no” has a lot to do with their success in selling.

In fact, I read some statistics a few years back that said the best sales people in the USA close most of their sales AFTER the fifth “No”.

I would really love to see those stats again today because I think the number of “No’s could be even higher.

Some people just cannot handle rejection. In terms of sales they either need to find a way to get over that or get out of the selling profession. Getting over it is one of the things I help people with in my sales coaching.

What if we look at this “5 No” from the buyer’s perspective ?
You see it may not just be about the seller being persistent.

What it also tells us is that most buyers in the USA need to imagine using your product or service 5 times before they actually purchase.
This is a psychological principle know as “ the convincer mode “.

It is used extensively in television advertising (“don’t buy yet because” or “ but wait there’s more “).
And the next time you watch an Ad on TV count how many times they repeat the offer. It will be at least 3 and often it will be 5 times.

Anyway, how you handle a no is critical, take a look at Paul McCord’s article below for more comments on dealing with a “No”

Don't Let Rejection Kill Your Spirit