Sales Coaching

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Improving your sales results 

When most people think about improving sales results they usually think about reading a few sales books or doing some sales training to either learn some new persuasion techniques or hype up the sales enthusiasm.

However, in Huthwaite's (of SPIN Selling fame) extensive research work with Xerox Corporation, they proved that in the absence of follow-up coaching and reinforcement, 87% of the skills change brought about by even the best sales training is lost.

How much of the sales training that you have done did you retain and use ?
How much of what you read in those sales books do you actually implement ?

Unfortunately, because of the individual nature of selling, we tend to mistakenly think of it as something we have to do and succeed at alone.

Conversely ….
Ask anyone who has achieved sales success “How did you do it?”

You’ll likely hear, one of their answers will be along the lines of...
"I have, or have had a mentor who has guided me in the direction I wanted or needed to go".

What these successful sales people know is that being really great isn’t a journey you have to make alone.

Having a mentor or a coach, is a very effective way to achieve sales success sooner.

Certainly, almost all the successful salespeople I know could point to someone who helped them get to the top.

Having A Mentor / Coach

To succeed in today’s competitive, fast-paced environment, you need experts whose experiences you can learn from, in order to accelerate your acquisition of skills and growth.  


A Mentor / Coach helps because: 

A Mentor not only tells you the best way of achieving your goals – they show you which shortens your learning curve by using their successes and mistakes … mistakes that cost you time and money

A Coach helps you implement new skills

A Mentor brings you expertise, knowledge and skills that they have acquired over many years. 

A Coach can act as a sounding board and confidant so you can share and collaborate on ideas, knowledge & expertise to create a strong and clear plan of your goals and how to achieve them.

A Coach is there to keep you focused and on track: 

To help you determine and monitor the key daily activities that will drive your performance and create a scorecard to monitor your improvement.

To support you and ensure that you keep your word to yourself, and take the consistent action that leads to the results you desire the most.

A Mentor will give you a different perspective. 

In the middle of a problem you can often “not see the forest for the trees” i.e. not see the obvious solution right in front of your face.

A Coach will Challenge you while providing encouragement and advice.

Sales is Like ....

To me, sales is like a game. 

You have opposition (and that's rarely the prospect), there are some rules, there's a scoring system and "you win some and you lose some".

As with so many games, becoming an award-winning salesperson isn’t something you just “do,” but rather a journey of constant self-improvement involving training, practice, self-discipline, tactics and manager direction.

If you think of selling as a game it invites some interesting comparisons, doesn't it ?

Did you know the difference between the really great sportspeople and the good ones is only a few percent ? 

The times that separate 1st and 4th at many swimming events at the Olympics is often hundredths of a second. 

Think about batting averages in Major League Baseball. You are considered a good batter if you have an average of 0.30. The BEST EVER record is held by TY Cobb whose average was 0.36. That means the best ever only scores 6 more runs per 100 times at the plate compared to an average good batter.

In his prime Tiger Woods was the longest driver in professional golf but only by an average of less than a meter and think of the difference in his earnings compared to his peers at the time. (By the way, at one time Tiger had 3 coaches).

So, …..

Are you playing a sales game ?
Are you winning or losing?

And if you are losing it’s probably only a few little things that could make a big difference to your results. 

The question is…. do YOU know what those things are ?

AND if you do … do you know how to correct them ?

What To Do

If you have come to this page and read this far I an guessing that you are not getting the sales results you want AND that you want to Do something about it.

Maybe you don't find selling as easy as it can be.

That’s where I come in.

I help confused and frustrated business-to-business salespeople in succeeding and enjoying the most nobel and rewarding of professions. 

I help them win the sales game of creating wealth and a fulfilling lifestyle.

I'd like to see you making twice the sales in half the time and having four times the fun.

To win the sales game you need three things:

Product knowledge

The correct attitude (this includes your beliefs and your moods)

The required skills

I can only help a little with "Product Knowledge" but I can help a lot with the other two.

Remembering, “You do not master anything worthwhile quickly.”

When we work together I can:

Help you attain the right mindset to Win the Sales Game

Identify and Tailor solutions to your specific problems,

Support you with the skills you find difficult to acquire

Draw your best performance out of you 

Introduce you to my customer based sales paradigm

Help you understand your prospects and how they think

Upgrade the Words you use to maximise your sales results

Hold you accountable so that you apply your new sales skills

Make sure you achieve YourSalesSuccess.

I can do this because:

I have 23 years of sales experience to draw upon

I have been trained in in cutting edge coaching skills  

These two skill sets provide a potent toolkit for improving your sales results.

Making it Happen

How many sales a month do you think are “in the bag” but you lose them ?

Think of the difference it could make to your income if you make some of those "almost-sales" a reality. 

I'm reminded of the story of this 85 year old guy who had sex almost 7 times a week ! That's right !
Almost on Monday. Almost on Tuesday. Almost… well you get the idea.

Maybe it's time you had some help to turn some of those "almosts" into sales ?

Act now ! 

You could be making twice the sales in half the time and having four times the fun.

Contact me to schedule a FREE "Sales Achievement" coaching session. ($250 value)

What have you got to lose except maybe a few "almosts" ?

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