Intention and Sales Outcomes

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The Secret of Using Intention and Sales Outcomes To Your Advantage

I've known for a long time that my Intention played a large part in my ability to influence.

Remember in your early days of selling when your sales manager said to you “ Act confident “ or “Go into that call assuming you are going to get that sale”.

What was that all about ?

Well, your sales manager (or mentor) was looking to focus your Intention.

Remember the old saying “ the world steps aside for a man who knows where he’s going “ ?

The fact is, whether you consciously use intention or not it is constantly broadcasting to everyone you interact with. Underlying your verbal messages, your intention causes its "real" message to come shining through.

Not only can people read your Intention but having an Intention also affects you, because 
“ Energy flows where Attention goes". 
And your attention is determined by your Intention.

I’m sure you can all think of an example of your Intention influencing your Attention.

The classic example is when your Intention is to buy a new car. 
If you are considering a new model or a non-mainstream car suddenly you see them everywhere. 
Were they there before ? 
Of course they were. 
You didn’t see them because you were not Intending to buy one. 
So, how can you spot opportunities in a sales call unless your Intention focuses your Attention ?

So how do you harness intention?

First and foremost, intention is activated by having aspecific outcome.

Before you influence anyone you must first know what your objective is.

So let's talk about outcomes for a few minutes.

The first step to consider when creating an outcome is, do you really want this outcome? 
Is it relevant to your success and where you're going ? 
Will having this outcome really advance you towards your desired sales results? 
Since you'll be investing yourself in this outcome you need to make sure it's worth what itwill take to achieve it.

While the above may sound simplistic, I find all too often that people overlook it. Unless I'm careful, I find myself falling into that trap as well. It's too easy to be diverted by things that take time and energy but don't really move you closer to where you want to be.

Next, an outcome should be about what you want, not what you don't want. 
For example, you might have an outcome like this: 
"I want my meeting with Mr. Radcliffe at 2 PM today to conclude with him agreeing to sell me his property for nothing down on a lease option. And I want him to feel good about this decision and be excited to do additional business with me in the future."

Contrast that above outcome with this one: 
"I want my meeting with Mr. Radcliffe at 2 PM today to work out for us both. I want to be able to explain all the pros and cons of buying his property on a lease option. I don't want him to be concerned about doing a 'no money down' deal. I hope I can overcome any objections he might have. And if this doesn't work then... well... I don't know what. I guess I'll just keep looking."

Do you see how that last outcome statement kind of goes all over the place? 
Read the two outcome statements again and just experience how you feel when you read each one.

The first one is much stronger, isn't it.

An outcome should be simple and clear. 
You should be able to represent the outcome you want with a simple picture or symbol in your mind.

And you can benefit from creating your outcome in writing-- especially as you get started on working with outcomes in this fashion.

An outcome should be stated in present tense. 
Not for example like: "I'd like to have..." or "one day soon I'll..."

There are several other “ Keys to an Achievable Outcome “which I’d be happy to coach you on. 

If you are interested in sales coaching this link will take you to a page where you can contact me.

Like I said earlier, you start your intention working for you by having a well-designed outcome. But that's only the beginning.

The best designed outcome in the world can still fail miserably if it's not backed with your intention to make it happen.

So how do you do that, I hear you asking.

You do that by believing and investing your emotion in the outcome. 
By fervently wanting and expecting it tohappen.

If your outcomes are aligned with your purpose, you'll find that they are also backed with integrity and inner power.

And when your outcomes are formulated in this fashion, you'll find that they are infused with integrity and they can't help but come true.

Bring the power of intention to bear strongly in your life. 
Develop the ability to set outcomes that work.
Stay focused on what will make the biggest difference and really count for something.

Most importantly, take action by starting right now to implement what you've learned (or been reminded of) in this article.

Why not start right now by writing three outcomes so that you can experience what you've just read about firsthand.

Remember, “What you focus on you get !”

Here's to YourSalesSuccess.