Little Red Book of Selling

Review / Summary of Little Red Book of Selling

This is a review and summary of the book, “ Little Red Book of Selling .” By Jeffrey Gitomer.

I guess most of you would have heard of Jeffrey given that he has a number of best sellers on the market.

The Little Red Book of Selling is a popular book that provides essential tips and strategies for sales professionals. The book is divided into 12.5 principles that cover important elements of selling, including building relationships, understanding customer needs, and closing deals.

If you are thinking of buying this book my review may help. If you already have the book this little review may serve to get you looking at the book again, and that would not be a bad thing.

The book is short (great, because it will get red), amusing (great, because it will get red) and engaging (great, because it will get red).

To quote two book critics:
“As Jeffrey Gitomer writes his personality comes through with blunt wit he's part personal trainer, part stand-up comic.” (Publishers Weekly)
“The author is obviously enthusiastic, if not manic, about sales, and though some of his mantras verge on hokey, much of his prose is straightforward and realistic.”
(David Dorsey, The Wall Street Journal)

The book is not big on the “structure of how to sell”.
It is big on “YOU”.

The fundamental ingredient of every sale is you, the sales person.. Take a look at the title of the first chapter listed below and you’ll get what I mean. Even the chapter about value for your customer leans more towards discussing you, the seller.

Don’t buy this book if you are looking for the new sales paradigm to skyrocket your sales success.

Much of this book you will know already, if you are selling.

Comments like:
“Customers don’t want to be sold they want to buy.”
“Questions are the answer.”
“Work hard and have fun ..”

That last comment reminds me of a quote from my first sales manager (lucky for me he was a good one):“Sales is the easiest job in the world if you work hard at it AND it’s the hardest job in the world if you take it easy.”

Indeed Ecclesiastes was right there is nothing new under the sun. Work hard! Be prepared! Ask good questions! Make friends! Do we need to be told these things?

In terms of being prepared for a sales call and asking good questions that was covered very well by SPIN Selling many years ago.

Yet when Jeffrey Gitomer gets into details, his thinking is fresh and amusing.
For example, he has five pages on crafting a good voicemail greeting.

Scattered throughout the book there are a number of points made that will be of benefit to your sales results. Maybe it’s me but I’m looking for the structure, the road map to follow as I move through a sales call.

Believe in Yourself

Gitomer stresses the importance of salespeople believing in themselves and their product. People tend to buy from people they like and trust, and the salesperson's attitude and enthusiasm can make or break a sale. Gitomer encourages salespeople to be passionate about their products and to convey that passion to their customers.

Relationships are Key

Another key theme of the book is that salespeople should focus on building relationships with their customers rather than just making a sale. Gitomer suggests that salespeople should ask questions and listen carefully to their customers in order to understand their needs and concerns. By building a relationship with the customer, the salesperson can earn their trust and create a loyal customer base.

Provide Value

Gitomer also emphasizes the importance of providing value to the customer. Salespeople should not just sell a product, but should provide a solution to the customer's problem. By understanding the customer's needs, the salesperson can offer a product or service that will truly benefit the customer and create long-term loyalty.

Be Prepared

The author also stresses the importance of preparation and practice. Be like the boy scout and "be prepared".

Salespeople should prepare for each sales call by researching the customer and their needs. In addition, Gitomer encourages salespeople to practice their sales pitch and presentation in order to become more confident and effective in their sales efforts.


Persistence and follow-up are also important aspects of selling, according to Gitomer.

IN fact the best salespeople close sales AFTER the 5th NO.

Salespeople should not give up after the first rejection or obstacle, but should continue to pursue the sale. Gitomer suggests that salespeople should follow up with customers after the sale in order to maintain the relationship and ensure customer satisfaction.

Positive Attitude

Zig Ziglar always said, "Your attitude determines your altitude"

Finally, Gitomer emphasizes the importance of attitude and mindset. Salespeople should have a positive attitude and believe in themselves and their product. By maintaining a positive mindset, the salesperson can overcome obstacles and achieve success in their sales efforts.

Chapter Titles for Little Red Book of Selling

Here are the chapter titles ?

  • Kick Your Own Ass
  • Prepare To Win, Or Lose To Someone Who Is
  • Personal Branding Is Sales: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You.
  • It’s All About Value, It’s All About Relationship, It’s Not About The Price
  • It’s Not Work, It’s Network
  • If You Can’t Get In Front Of The Real Decision Maker, You Suck
  • Engage Me And You Can Make Me Convince Myself
  • If You Can Make Them Laugh, You Can Make Them Buy
  • Use Creativity To Differentiate And Dominate
  • Reduce Their Risk And You’ll Convert Selling To Buying
  • When You Say It It’s Bragging. When Someone Else Says It It’s Proof.
  • Antennas Up !
  • Resign Your Position As General Manager Of The Universe.

Final Thoughts

I am surprised that there is no mention in the book about building sales rapport.

If I could only have one sales book in my library this would not be THE one.

If you have been selling for a while you will find some interesting tactics in the book and it will also give you a reminder that it's all about your attitude and your disciple and your creativity which many sales people need to be reminded about.

I like the Little Red Book of Selling; I’ll read it again.

Will it dramatically change your sales results ?

Well, as the book says, it’s all up to you.

Here's to YourSalesSuccess.

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