Friendly Persuasion


How can we define friendly persuasion?

Does it really exist ?
Or is it just a persuasion technique that some people use ?

Firstly. this article is not about the old Gary Copper movie.

OK Persuasion is the act of influencing someone by argument to your point of view, winning him or her over so to speak.

What makes it friendly persuasion?

I believe several things make it friendly.

Firstly, it's the intention behind the persuasion.
Is your motive as a salesperson to help your prospect or to profit yourself?

If your motive is the latter your persuasion will not be felt as friendly.
In fact, you will be lucky to persuade at all.

People have a finely tuned self-interest detector and if it activates they know you have absolutely no interested in them or their needs.

So, the first thing you have to do is adjust your attitude to be genuinely interested in your prospect and what would make their life easier or more profitable.

Then that attitude will come across as you interact with your prospect making them more open and receptive to your influence and persuasion.

Now, here's the next most important thing.

You need to be consciously aware of how you interact with them non-verbally so that you don't shoot yourself in the foot.

Even with their best intentions in mind, even if you know they like golf and talk about it with them you can close them off and make them unresponsive if you don't know how to communicate.

The right things said in the wrong way can make you far less trustworthy.
Trustworthiness is made up of character and competence and poor communication can damage either or both.

So, getting to first base means you need certain skills.
The first skill of friendly persuasion is to be able to build sales rapport and make your prospects feel OK about talking to you.

Now if you really want to heighten the response of your prospects
to your persuasion you need to be able to really hone in on their language and speak in a way that makes the most sense to them.

It really takes special listening to hear how your prospect thinks and quite a bit of skill, honed by practice, to speak in alignment with how they think.

So the second skill of friendly persuasion is to speak their language.When you do you'll have the strategies and steps to creating responsive customers by using persuasion psychology.

Go ahead and use this type of persuasion and benefit from the results. 

Here's to YourSalesSuccess.