Have You Heard About the Deaf and Dumb Salesperson?

A deaf and dumb salesperson, really?

In today's modern age maybe such a thing exists as a deaf and dumb salesperson but I seriously doubt it.

What would this salesperson do?

I mean, if you can't speak to prospects how can you make an offer?
If you can't hear what they have to say how do you know whether you're on track?
For that matter, how do you even know you are talking to the right person?
(unless maybe you know someone who does it all by email)

As ridiculous as this may seem I have often seen something similar

Yet, as ridiculous as this may seem I have often seen something similar play out in my sales life.
I have been with salespeople that may as well have been deaf because there is no way they were listening to what their prospects had to say during a meeting.
I have had telemarketers on the phone with me who paid absolutely no attention to anything I was saying.

I'm sure you have experienced the same?

A dialogue not a monologue

Now imagine this.
A salesperson who cannot speak comes up with the idea of recording someone making a presentation about a product they want to sell and takes it with them into a sales meeting

Do you think this tactic would be successful?
I doubt it.

Because selling is a dialogue not a monologue.

Yet, once again I have witnessed sales people that have a set presentation to deliver and pay absolutely no attention to anything else other than spewing out the words they must utter.
I have also seen sales people who put absolutely no thought into what they are saying. They are constantly shooting themselves in the foot. It's like they only open their mouth to change feet.

They may have been better off being a deaf and dumb salesperson?

Listening and speaking are critical in selling

Plainly being able to listen and to speak are critical for sales success.
It seems to follow that the better you are able to listen and then to craft and deliver your words the more sales you're going to make.

There are lots of things that go into making a good salesperson.

There are lots of things that go into making a good salesperson.
Things like attitude, product knowledge, customer knowledge, being efficient with your time, knowing how to craft a proposal and follow up.
And, I'm sure you can think of others.
And I’ll bet you have been offered books and courses by sales trainers that focus on these things that will enhance your sales career.

Sales involves four things

As far as I'm concerned sales involves four things:

  • Caring about your prospect.
  • Asking relevant questions
  • Listening to prospect’s answers to understand the person in front of you and their wants
  • Formulating responses to your prospects taking into consideration who they are and what they want.

And my goal in working with salespeople is to get them to listen effectively and respond thoughtfully, artfully and professionally.

If you want to improve any, or all, of those 4 things I listed above please consider booking a free Sales Discovery Session by clicking here or on the button below.