Selling Despite the Distractions

In this modern age we live in distractions are all around us.

And in the sales profession, where time is precious, we need to be able to continue selling despite the distractions.

As salespeople we are inundated with new tools and initiatives and communications that are supposed to help us. The trouble is they happen during the day, OUR PRIME SELLING TIME, and dilute that valuable time we have to find and convert prospects into customers.

In fact, over 50% of sales reps think that:

  • they have too many sales tools
  • their company sales tools are a hindrance rather than a aid

And it's not just your company initiating the distractions. 

What about that wonderful newsletter you get from that great sales educator ?
When that noise tells you a new email has arrived do you immediately jump to read it or wait till lunch or later in the evening ?
It is tempting to read becasue the information is valuable but is reading it now the BEST use of your time ?

And the next question is what happens after you read it ?
Do you go back to sales work immediately ?
Or, do you get further distracted and check your Facebook page ?

And even if you do go straight back to working how long does it take you to get your thoughts back and focus on the task you were doing. ?
And now think about how many times you are distracted in a day and multiply that by how long it takes you to refocus. So how much time do you lose every day getting back into focus to carry on working ?

It's a problem you need to do something about.

And the video below is perhaps a first step in addressing the problem.