Sales Success

Before you start the process of setting yourself up for sales success this year you may like to review your accomplishments from last year:
What did you accomplish this year?
What were your biggest disappointments?
What was your greatest achievement?
What did you learn?
What prevented you from achieving your goals in last year?
How can you make sure you’ll attain your goals in this year?
Please, take some time to ponder the questions above

I hope that all of you intend to set some goals, as there is considerable evidence that setting goals has a positive effect on what you create in your life. 
I guess it’s a given that sales people will have some sales budget that they either develop or that is handed down to them by management.

I’m not sure if you know that goal setting in markedly more effective if the goal is thought of and written in a certain way.

We’re going to format our goals for S.U.C.C.E.S.S. 
(What else would we do in YourSalesSuccess?)

S: Stated: Simply, Specifically and IN the Positive
State what you want as distinct from what you don’t want.
Make it specific; rather than I want to make more sales your goal should be I want to make $1million more sales or 25% more sales during this coming year. 
Rather than a negative comment like “I don’t want to lose the Jones business”,
your goal should be positive and specific like,
“I want to maintain the Jones account throughout this year and have them so ecstatic about our service that we are one of the finalists in their supplier of the year award.”

U: Undeniable Reality
How will you know you have achieved your goal ?
What will you see, hear and feel to know that it has happened?
For example, 
“I know I have achieved my sales goal when I see the final year’s sales printout with $3 million on the bottom line.

C: Contexts
When and where will your goal be achieved?
When will you read the printout with your desired sales results on it and where will you be when you read it?

C: Congruent with your personal values and Compelling to You
Answer the question,” I want this because…”
When you think of achieving this goal how does it make you feel, excited, exhilarated? 
If you’re not drooling it’s not compelling.
Test this out by imagining yourself in the scene where you know your goal is achieved,
looking through your own eyes 
(i.e. do not see yourself in the scene but look at what you would see if you were really there),
how do you feel?

E: Ecological Is your goal in harmony with all parts of you?
I mean, to achieve the goal would you have to totally ignore your family and health for the next year?
Thus is your goal realistic? 
Is your goal in harmony with your organisation and co-workers? 
Does it promote your agenda at the expense of another work colleague?

S: Self Initiated and Maintained Can you start and achieve this goal on your own, or are you at least largely responsible for it’s achievement? 
It’s no good setting a goal for getting a $10,000 bonus if your company has never given bonuses before, 
but, if your company has a share profit scheme and you know that if you achieve $X profits that you’ll receive $Y bonus then that increase in income is under your control.

S: Strategy You need to have an action plan to achieve your goal.
Break your goal down into a series of steps or sub goals each with a time for completion and formatted in this SUCCESS way. 
Do you have all the resources you need to achieve your goal? 
If not, what person and/or company resources do you need?

Now, if you format your goals like this, think about them in this way and review them often you are much more likely to achieve them.

One of my goals this year is to produce the YoursalesSuccess eZine on the middle Friday of every month. 
Does this satisfy all the above SUCCESS requirements ? 
I do have a strategy for doing this but I won’t go into it now.

Here's to YourSalesSuccess.

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