Are You Proud to be a Salesperson

Here’s a question for you.

Are you proud to be a salesman ?

Are you proud to be a saleswoman ?

When someone at a social function asks, “what do you do?”
How do you respond ?

Do you come straight out and say, “I’m a sales person?”


Do you say something else, like
“I work for IBM” (not answering the question)
“I work as a account executive” (what the hell is that?)
“I’m a technical specialist in…” (really ?)

I learned a long time ago that sales is a nobel profession.

In fact, nothing happens until a sale is made.
That’s why I’ve made plenty over the years, I like to make things happen.
I wouldn’t be a sales coach if I didn’t think sales mattered.

The article below expresses a similar viewpoint and well worth a read.