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by Rachel

"We don't need to refinance/purchase a home"

When rates are low, everyone probably needs to refinance. I just don't know how to turn that around and relay it back to my prospects on the other end of the phone in a professional way!

Hi Rachel,
are there other people in the company you work for doing that successfully. Maybe you should invite them out to lunch or dinner and pick their brain ?

If I am understanding you correctly, you are saying interest rates are low, refinance your home at a LOWER rate so repayments are lower over the term of the loan and you save money.

Sounds perfectly logical.
NOTE: People do not buy with logic, they buy with emotions.

You need to convert that money they will save into something of interest to them. And BEFORE you do that you need to know what is of interest to them.

Now if you listen carefully they'll tell you or at least give you hints. Sometimes you have to ask the right questions to prompt the responses you are looking for. But the more you know about what your prospect really wants the easier it will be to sell to them.

For example, if your prospect has always had a dream of traveling to Egypt you could show them how refinancing would allow them to save enough money to take that trip in 4 years time.

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Then of course, maybe you need to say it in a way that appeals to them. I could recommend my book "7 Steps to Motivated Customers" to help with that.

In any case, good luck and I hope my advice has been helpful. Greg

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