by Pete

How do I handle I want to think about it ?

Hi Pete,

Greg here.
This is a very common objection. Actually, it's really a stall. That dreaded enemy of salespeople, procrastination, is at work.

It's probably a bit more than that. Think about yourself. How many times do you see something you'd like to buy but then hesitate.

Why do you hesitate ? What do you say to yourself ? Things like, "Can I really afford that?", "What if my daughter has to get braces for her teeth?", "I can do without it, maybe I'm being frivolous?"

I know if my wife is with me she'll say, "Don't be silly, just buy it."

So, how do you do that for your customer?

Firstly, you could start by asking, "What exactly do you want to think about?" If they can't come up with an answer start offering suggestions, "is it the price or the terms or the warranty or the.."

They need to talk it over with someone, may as well be you, it doesn't have to be their wife or co-worker.

Some people just need to look at it from a different perspective. If you're looking for some ways to do that take a look at my free course on answering sales objections.

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