I don't know my partner deals with it!


Hi Simon,
question, if this is your MOST COMMON SALES OBJECTION how is it that you keep talking to the "non-decision maker" ?

Is this a gender thing ?
(I have no way of knowing)
Do you keep talking to the men and the women make the buying decision on what you offer ? Or vice versa ?

How can you get to the buyer first up ?

If it's not possible, then your first call has the sole objective of getting to the buyer. Save your time, make it a phone call.

"Hi Joe, my name is Simon and I have a great product (or service) that's great for X, but it's my experience that women are the experts in this ? My wife certain looks after this for me. Would you be open to giving me the contact details of your better half so we can determine if this offers any benefit to you ?"

Hope this helps, Greg

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