What to do when customer wants to shop around

I can overcome most objections such as price, product fit, and so on. A lot of the training I receive helps to overcome these things. But what do I say when the Customer says he is shopping around for best price?

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Jan 28, 2020

by: Greg

Even though you specifically mentioned price I'd like to look at this "shopping around" from a more general perspective.

The reality is people often do get multiple quotes, don't you?.

Some sales trainers would have you plough right through that objection and keep asking for the business. This may be the wrong thing to do.
What would be your reaction if you wanted to get three quotes and some pushy salesperson just kept trying to get you to buy?

So, my "modus operandi" about selling is that I am here to help.
What would help the prospect in this situation?

Maybe to help them find people to talk to and to know what is most important to them.

If you know your business well (and you should) you should know who your opposition is and their strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis). (You may even have a prepared document of how you fare against the competition in all competitive areas.)

Maybe ask the question, "Who have you got quotes from?" So, whether they tell you they have quotes from three of your competitors or they say you are first, at least you will know where you stand.

If you are the first, offer to help them sort out who else they could (or should) talk to.

In order to make recommendations for them, you'll need to know what's most important to them.

You could ask what they will be checking with the other suppliers.
Maybe they’re saying, "I want to know if I can get it cheaper somewhere else." It often is a money issue when you hear "shop around". But sometimes, the prospect will not really be certain that the product meets their needs in terms of delivery or quality.

A question I often ask in this situation is "What are you after in an"X"?" or "What important to you about "X"?"
This uncovers their buying criteria which will help you develop your presentation, positioning, questioning, and follow up strategy specific to this prospect’s buying situation.

Likewise, if they already have quotes and you know your competition you may know their product is slightly inferior to yours. Or, they may not offer the excellent service that you do. There’s bound to be something you know that’s not at good as what you offer. If your product does not have any obvious advantage over your competitors you may need to rethink what you offer to improve it.

Before you ask the question about "Who have you got quotes from?" remember to use the Agreement Frame.
"I appreciate you want to make sure you are getting the best value you can for a product that meets your needs, I do that myself, and I'm curious to know "Who have you got quotes from?" so far?"

From there, as I write above. Learn where you stand. Help the customer define what they really want. Recommend other suppliers they could talk to and point out how what you offer is different (better) than what others offer especially in reference to what's most important to your prospect.

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