I'll Get Back to You

by nirav

post presentation customer ask my contact details and tells me that he will get back to me without any other clarification (don't reveal objection and don't make the decision also)how to respond to this kind of behaviour and find out about what is in his mind actually?

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Mar 03, 2020

by: Greg

Sorry Nirav,

this sounds like a "brush off".
Either the prospect is not interested or it's not important enough to take priority over something else they are doing at that moment. I guess they may not have the money either?

So, your task is to confirm which it is.

Maybe a direct question would work?

Something like ...
"You know often when people say that to me they never get back to me or return my calls later. I'm guessing they were never really interested and just wanted to spare my feelings. If you are not interested I'm OK with hearing that you know."

Now they may agree they are not interested and if they do you still have an avenue open to keep talking ...
'Wow, that's surprising we have sold this to a number of companies in your industry who are very happy with it. What's different here? Is it that you don't have the funds? Or something else?"
"I understand you have no interest and I was just wondering what's not interesting about our product? Help me understand, please. I'm not trying to sell you."
That way you'll at least get some valuable information that could help on future calls.

Now if they say they are interested you can still further the conversation ...
"Well, what part of this is most interesting to you?"
And based on their response, you'll know if they're really interested.
If they give you a vague answer then you know there, you know that maybe there really is no interest
BTW notice I didn't say "what part of this is interesting" because that assumes there is ONLY ONE PART that is interesting whereas my response assumes there is more than one and I'm only asking for the "most interesting"
And if they do come back with a reasonable response about what they are most interested in you can enquire about what makes this so interesting AND then ask what part of your offer is the least interesting.

Hope this helps.


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