I Can't make a decision tonight

by L. Vanzyl

Can't make a decision tonight and no need of product.

I sell replacement windows with installation. A guaranteed product and service. These are the two main objectionsI get, other than affordability. if I overcome these....

Thanks for your help!


Hi (Vanzyl),

"can't make a decision tonight"

I might respond with:
"Interesting, what stops you from making a decision tonight?"
"Interesting, what would (or could) happen if you made a decision tonight?"

As you can read, I'm basically digging for more information. Your next response would depend on their reasons. You may need to ask a few more questions like this to get to something concrete.

Your "no need" objection intrigues me. You say you sell REPLACEMENT windows. That implies their window is broken ? So, how can they have "no need" ?

Is your product high end of the market ? Maybe the objection is they have no need of the extra features your product offers ? Note, most people have no need of features but they do need benefits. Maybe you just need to build more value ?

Sorry, I couldn't be more help with the second objection.

Regards Greg

For more information on sales objections go to overcoming sales objections and read the info on the page below the audio and picture.

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