Prospect only want Part of my Offer

by Christopher Nicolson, b2b sales manager

My salesjob is b2b of branded clothing. Branded clothing is Nike, Adidas, Puma, Levi’s, etc etc.

This is my worst objection.

I have a situation where a customer, the local buyer of sportswear in a multinational company has given the signal he wants to buy.
The case is this.
I send him an offer on Nike shoes which is a stock-lot.
He replies that the price is ok, and that he wants the shoes. The only problem is he only wants the best selling sizes, and that leaves me with all the bad selling sizes. This is not possible.

I write him back(never answers the phone) that I made a new suggestion on the Nike shoes order and that he now has a perfect breakdown of all the sizes.

The buyer cancels the order, because he doesn't get only the good sizes. This is my worse objection.

The thing is, he is not able to get what he wants from anybody. But he will not buy the shoe from me, now he goes on to somebody else.

I need inspiration to write him back an email, that will inspire the buyer to write me back and say yes.

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