"Not prepared at the moment"

'Not prepared at the moment'

How do you handle the above when selling services?

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Feb 13, 2020

by: Greg


on the surface, it seems to me that you have not qualified these customers enough.

YOUR time is valuable and you shouldn't be wasting it on prospects who are not yet ready to make a buying decision.

Although, I do not know whether you are getting this objection face to face or whether you are getting this objection while trying to organise an appointment over the phone.

And I'm not sure how complicated your service is and whether you need to explain it in front of your prospect.

If you are getting this objection when face-to-face, perhaps you should end your call when making the appointment with something like ...
"Don't schedule this time unless you are really interested in this service and ready to make a decision now."

But let''s say you want a meeting and you are on the phone with a prospect and they say ...
"I'm not prepared at the moment"
You might respond with
'That's right. Of course, you are not prepared, yet. Because we haven't yet had the conversation that will allow you to be totally prepared to make this decision. Would next Tuesday at 9 am be a good time or maybe Wednesday would suit you better?"

Hope these ideas help.


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