Price Objections

by Robert
(Saudi Arabia)

How do you handle sales objections regarding price?

Hi Robert,
if you constantly get price objections it is a sign that you are not building value well enough. Or not really getting your prospect emotional enough about what they are going to gain from what you offer.

There are ways to handle price objections.

The feel-felt-found techniques can get you back on track to discussing the value of your offering but I don't favor the ROTE use of this technique.

The contrast frame helps deal with price objections. That's where you alter the frame of your offer. e.g. our product is $100 more expensive why that's only $2 /week over the next year. And there a myriad of ways to spin that concept.

The best approach bar none to dealing with price objections is reframing and the best way I know to learn and apply reframing is by using Sleight of Mouth. I have some info on my site about this.

It is covered in some detail in my course on overcoming sales objections.

Hope this helped, Greg

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