David Camp

by David Camp
(Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

I never get objections anymore.

Once you understand a customers values. Investigate how those values align with their current situation or not. Facilitate their decision process towards a desired outcome and co create a solution, the sales game changes. I'm no longer selling to a customer while playing the the objection game. I'm sitting with a customer showing them a way to buy my concepts in line with what is most important to them.

In this vein anything that may have resembled an objection changes into the form or valueble information gathering at the beginning of the sales conversation.

Is this in line with what you teach?

Greg here David.

Your concept is quite correct.

If you can determine your prospects values and criteria for what they want in a product or service then it become a discussion about how well your product meets their requirements and assuming it does (doesn't have to be 100% fit)it's then a matter of motivating them to make the change and take ownership of it.

I consider overcoming sales objections as an insurance policy.

Get it all right in your discussions with prospects and objections (as such) never come up. Question is when you miss something whether you have a way to recover from that glitch.

The majority of the people that visit this site show most interest in overcoming objections. Do I turn them away or give them advice ?

Incidentally, I know the sales process you use, where it comes from and most likely who taught it to you in Australia. It is a good process and I know it works. Keep up the good work.

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