by John
(New City, New York)

I sell advertising to car dealerships (I know I know ... things have been better).

When they are slow, and they are ... they get very conservative with their spending, especially when it comes to advertising.

Not to mention, the economy is not exactly great for the automotive industry.

So if the public is not buying cars at the same pace they once were regardless of the offers. How do I convince a car dealership to advertise when the risk of very little return on the investment is an almost certain reality?

Hi John,
I'd be the first to admit that maybe I'm not the most qualified person to answer this question.

The question that comes to my mind is what can you do to help the dealership ? I mean APART FROM the advertising.

Is there any way you can go the extra mile ? Maybe help promote/sponsor a seminar about how clients can choose the car that's just right for them or a car that is economical to own and run. You's get a list of names from the seminar to give to dealerships and you can present these names to the dealer as you ask for some advertising business, maybe the reciprosity could help you get an order ?

Hope this helps, even if only to spark some new ideas for you,
Regards Greg

PS: Sorry for the slow reply I've torn up my shoulder and about to go in for surgery as well as I'm about to be a grand father again.

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