I need to talk to my spouse

by Vanessa David
(Beverly Hills, Ca)

I need to talk to my spouse, undecided

Hi Vanessa,

Often, I have to talk to my spouse is a stall. What they are trying to do is to get some time so they don't have to make a decision right now.

The first thing you can say is, “Well, are you in favor of it?”

You ask them that because if you're talking to someone who is going to talk to someone else about whether or not they should buy your product, if they're not in favor of it, then how will it help you if they go and talk to someone else?

Now, if she is in favor of it, then you might say, "Go ahead and talk to your partner."

However, that is probably not the best approach, instead you might say, “If you're in favor of it, then let's all three of us get together so that we can all talk about it together.”


“Let's write up the agreement and put down that this agreement is canceled if your husband won't let you do it.”

I’ve often used a similar approach with professional buyers when I was selling B2B. Sometimes, you reach a point where a decision has to be made urgently and full technical approval has not yet been granted. I have taken orders under those conditions, “subject to final product approval”.

Hope this helps, Greg

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