Why are you calling me ?

by Simon

In the first few seconds the prospect says,
"Why the hell are you calling me for?"

Hi Simon,
what a friendly opening gambit ?
This person sounds either very rude or very stressed ? But then again I'm not a mind reader.

If I can sprout a bit of philosophy. "It's about meeting people where they are and taking them to where you want them to be" Also, rapport is about matching and mirroring the prospect.

So, keeping that in mind, lets think of a few responses.
And say them with a similar tone and volume to their first comment (perhaps a little softer and less intense)

"I'm not sure, somebody told me you're the person who makes things happen at this company?"
(What are they going to say, "no I'm not, I do as little as possible"
"That's a hell of a good question. Maybe you have no need for X (the specific benefit your product or service offers).
If they are a polarity responder they'll have to refute the "no need for" in your statement.
"Because I have a product (or service) that'll make a hell of a difference to your business"

This is just a few possibilities.

Keep in mind the principles and come up with some of your own responses.

Also, I'm assuming their tone was abrupt and that they are talking fast and perhaps loud. As you dialogue with them more you could gradually talk slower and softer and smoother and if the rapport is growing they should follow suit.

Hope this is food for thought.


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