Not Ready to Buy Yet

by Jeff

In our stores customers will ask about a product and then say they are not ready to buy need to think about it. Your help would be great. Thanks Jeff

Hi Jeff,
a common occurrence this one, isn't it?

This could be someone who just has a tendency to procrastinate OR someone who needs to compare your offer to a few others OR someone who needs time to process information before they accept it as the truth OR someone who doubts either their worth as deserving of the goods or the value of your offer.

Building value in what you offer will help in three of the above scenarios. Drop in the occasional "you deserve this, don't you" to help with the deserving issue. "How long are you going to wait to reward yourself" etc for the procrastination.

There is a specific technique that helps with the people who need time to process information that i can't go into here.

Hope this helps, Greg

Take a look at overcoming sales objections and some of the links from that page for more information.

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Dec 09, 2009
Don't use this line, when selling.
by: Anonymous

"How long are you going to wait to reward yourself" is such a cheesey line. Please do yourself a favor and don't use such cliché lines. It sounds pushy and careless.

My Comment
It does sound a bit "cheesey" doesn't it? In retrospect perhaps more out of context than cheesey because there is nowhere in Jeff's original comment where he mentions it being a personal item ?

The thing is, people procrastinate either because they are not yet sure of the value or they do not trust their ability to make a good decision (or time is a part of their decision strategy).
I've already written about value and time.

So, these people who do not trust their own decisions make good decisions every day. You need to link them into that while you figure out their decision strategy.

Perhaps you might ask about the last good purchase they made and how they decided to buy ?
You MAY even ask when they knew it was time to buy. Then frame your responses to line up with their successful buying strategy. i.e satisfy their buying criteria.

Of course, you could always ask "what specifically
" they want to think about to uncover their objections, which is approaching it from a different angle.


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