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Feb 24, 2020
Have said this myself
by: Greg


this objection is interesting to me because I have used it myself.
And It was a genuine objection I had.

In my case, at that time, I owned and ran a holiday park (with cabins and tent sites that I rented and on-site caravan weekenders) and people would cold call me wanting me to advertise.

Now our campsites and cabins were fully booked for all of the holidays seasons. I had NO VACANCIES at those times. And I had no desire for more people to come outside the holiday period. After working 16 hours a day for the 10 weeks of summer holidays I was ready for a rest. So, I genuinely didn't want any more business.

And just to add a bit to this, the on-site vans were owned by my clients and they paid an annual fee to leave their vans on-site. So, that part of my income was secure. Even if it rained all year and nobody came to the site I still had the majority of my income.

Now, this may be the difference between my situation and those of your potential clients.

It's unlikely they have this secure income that I had.

So, if someone said to me "I have enough business, don't need to advertise"
I would respond with one word ... "Yet"

That would usually invoke some sort of a response from the prospect.
That opens up a conversation.

During that conversation, I would ask questions like:
"Have you had a downturn at any time in the last few years?"
"Is your business seasonal ... Do you have quiet periods?"
"How would you know when it was time to advertise?"

Some of these questions are designed to uncover if there is a missing "Now" in their comment.
i.e. "don't need to advertise NOW?"

The final question is subtle in that it presupposes there is a time they'll want to advertise and gets them thinking about how they would recognise when that time would be.

Maybe you could follow up with questions about KPIs and indicators they have to let them know when business is about to ramp-up or downturn?
If they have none, maybe you could help them figure it out and position yourself to be first in line when the time does come for them to advertise.


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