Failure to Close

by Jenna

I am a trainer in a call centre for the Travel industry.

I am looking for suggestions for my staff to help overcome objections.

One of the biggest problems is just a failure to ask to hold space, closing the sale.

What is the motivation of your staff ? To just get through the required number of calls or to help people have a happy holiday / business trip ?

If they are rewarded based on the number of calls logged you may be creating the problem ?

You mention overcome objections but don't mention any specifically so it's hard for me to comment.

In general if you build enough value you will not get many objections. I would think it wouldn't be hard to build value in terms of someone taking a holiday. Especially if you take the time to find out what sort of holiday they want. And if they procrastinate about spending the money, or say they want to check alternatives just link back to the value and remind them if they don't act now it probably wont happen.

Hope this helps, Greg

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