I Need Quotes First

by Glyn

I need to get some more quotes first.

Hi Glyn,
don't you get quotes first?

It is rare for me to just buy something without comparing what's available in the market.

I don't know what you are selling but it sounds like you are the first one to offer. That's not the best position to be in. Better to quote last.

If you cannot quote last maybe you could do the research for the prospect for them. Offer to save them time. Tell them how many other competitors there are and the differences between their offerings. That way they will not have to research the whole market just the products that fit their needs. (I would not name the competitors up-front but I would divulge one or two that could be of interest and then explain why your offering is better.)

This may well surprise your prospect and gain you some trust and reciprosity which could ultimately result in you getting an order.

Hope this gives you food for thought. Greg

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