I'm Not Interested

by may

I'm not interested... several of your peers have called me--don't call me anymore.......

It doesn't sound like your peers have done you any favors ?

Remember sales is about meeting someone where they are and taking them to a better place. So, the place to start is to empathize.

Mr X you sound annoyed, is it something I've said, something my colleagues had said or just that you've heard enough from us ?

Then make sure you are matching the tone, tempo and volume of their speech while you enquire about how they WERE DECIDING your offer wasn't for them. (The WERE DECIDING is important.)

You'll have to work with their response from that point.

Maybe you could take a look in my Free Articles for "I'll Never Buy From You Again", there might be some ideas in there for you.

Hope this has helped, Greg

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