"I will take a look at it and give you a call!"-No urgency

The customer has offered the idea that their is a very low interest level in my product or service. However, the key to this is that they have to get another key decision maker, which in my view, is not interested at all. Also, that they feel they are not a good fit for the product or service that I am offering them.

This is a very common objection.

I guess that you have got this response face-to-face or if on the phone it was at appropriate time (meaning the person was not on their way into a meeting or packing their bags to go home). Assuming that to be true.

The first thing with every objection is to empathize.
"OK, so there is some information you want to review. Think of me as your brochure I can answer any question you have, and in more detail, faster than you can find it in the brochure. Why not save yourself some time ?..... What specifically do you want to know ?"

You have to keep pinning them down to specifics. If they say just everything, you need to respond, "yes, and I'm interested to know what specific part of everything".

If they are still not specific start offering them some topics, "is it our X?" etc

That keeps the conversation going.

I have to also assume that your product / service is genuinely of use to them.

Sooner or later this person is going to refer to the other decision maker. At that time you have to pin them down. "I appreciate you want to talk to XXX and what do you think about our offer?"

Once you get them noticing some benefits then you need to work towards getting a meeting with both of them.

I cannot go into more detail here.

The same basic method applies to handling most (if not all) objections meet them where they are first them lead them to where you would like them to go.

Hope this helps, Greg

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