Do it Themselves

by Unknown

They have a relative or a friend that can repair their roof.

Oh, I can really relate to this one.

The office where my wife and I have our other business had the roof repaired by a friend of the previous owner.

Only trouble is they repaired the aluminum roof using the wrong profile (the slope is less than 2%) and they left the LEAD FLASHING on the roof !

Needles to say a few years later and the roof was leaking like a sieve due to it's inability to handle the volume of water and the pitting where the lead joins the aluminum !

It's a hard one though because times are tough and most people are trying to save a dollar. They don't realize they are being penny wise and pound foolish.

I guess all you can do is continue to stress they want the problem solved permanently not for just three years like mine was. Do they want to keep revisiting the problem or have it gone ? Does their relative give a guarantee ? Will the relative be around or on holiday when the roof leaks again in 3 years time ?

The other thing from a sales point of view is to use the Contrast Frame. That is to say the cost of the roof repair divided by the time the roof lasts. Lets say your price to them is $3000 and you say your job will last for 10 years, that's less than $1 a day ! Would you spend a dollar a day to have a dry house ?
More about this in my Free Articles number 19.

Hope that helps, Greg

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