Sales Objections I Usually Encounter

by sarah clarke
(los angeles, california)

"I can't trust you"
"I can't do this over the phone"
"I can't give you my details over the phone"
"I thought everything is for free"

Interesting objections.

Lack of trust would seem to indicate to me that you have not yet established enough Rapport ? Sometimes you need a period of time to develop trust but if you've only got a few minutes on the phone you've got to get trust fast and focus on your clients wants.

Seems like you keep running into people who are uncomfortable discussing things over the phone, unless they are just using that as an excuse. Which would lead me to the same thoughts as above.

Likewise, if people are thinking it's all for free that MAYBE there was poor communications earlier leading to false expectations.

So, I think customer focus and Rapport is the key. I have a booklet on Rapportwhich is available on this website.

Hope this helps, Greg

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