Your service doesn't work for me

by Tonya G, ISP Retention Representative

1) Your service doesn't work for me.

2) I had a trial period and i just don't like it.

3) I am going with another company.

4) Your service is not fast enough.

5) I can't afford it because I lost my job.

These are my top 5 objections that I seem to encounter.


Hi Tonya,

you are ahead of most sales people in that you know what your major objections are.

Now you need to sit for a while and THINK about responses to each of those objections. That's right THINK, the hardest thing in the world to do.

To me, your objections 1), 2) and 4) all need clarification. For example, "how specifically is our service not working for you" and after their response you may need to ask "how would you know that our service was working perfectly for you" (the "perfectly" is in there for a reason).

Item 3) needs to be turned back into a process by using "". Something like, "how are you deciding to go with another company". That opens up a decision made in to one that is in action now so you can explore their thoughts and POSSIBLY change their decision.

Maybe with the last one you could turn their objection around ? "Maybe you can't afford NOT to have our service ? How are you going to find a job ? There are lots of jobs advertised on the Internet you know."

These are only rough starting point ideas to get you going.

What you really need to do is apply these and lots of other responses to an objection. Try them out. Try lots of them out. Then your mind will become adept at responding to objections on the fly.

I talk about this and offer a framework for generating responses in my eBook on Overcoming Sales Objections.

Hope this has been helpful, Greg

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