Getting people to see my offer and then committ

I work a kiosk in the mall and if I can get them to my kiosk to explain what we do, I at least have a chance to set the appointment but getting there attention is very difficult because most of the time they're just trying to avoid me. our product is a good one we reface cabinets using the existing boxes. give the kitchen a brand new look at half the price of doing the rebuilt. we can also do shower conversions in a day. even though very interested they are sometimes very reluctant to make an appointment even though it's a complimentary visit by designer at no cost or obligation to them and a locked in price for a year. so they have plenty of time to decide. can you help me on both counts getting their attention and also getting them to make an appointment?

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Mar 05, 2015
Jose's comment
by: Greg

Jose is taking the cold calling approach and contrary to what a lot of people say it still works.

In my response I was assuming (I should have stated this) that you may be employed to man a kiosk and hence my suggestions were something that could be done outside your hours at the kiosk.

Ultimately, Jose and I are both saying "look for motivated buyers"

Gary Halbert, who was a legendary copywriter, used to ask his students if they owned a hamburger stand what was the most important thing to make it a success. He got answers like: location, a great burger etc. To which he always replied, "No. No No - what you need is a HUNGRY CROWD"

Mar 05, 2015
Just an opinion.
by: Jose

I´ve been in the Insurance industry for over 20 years, and we have tried the kiosk approach with not very good results. People in malls go only "window shopping", or go to buy things they already decided they needed, so gettin their attention in not an easy task.
In your case I would try cold calling in areas where homes are not new. I would take a sample of good "before and after" pictures of my current clients and try to talk to the people who use the kitchens. My approach would be to ask them situation questions like if they are happy with their stuff?, or if they could, what kind of things they would change?, or just a straight question like how would you like your kitchen to look like? This may give you a good start. Try using the SPIN system. Good luck.

Mar 05, 2015
WhatsInItForThem ? (WIIFM)
by: Greg


I appreciate your product may well be a good one and I'm wondering would it be of interest to anyone who has just built a new home or to anyone who has just installed a new kitchen or to anyone in a rented property ?

The answer is obvious, isn't it ?

You need to find a way to focus on the people who want or need your service.

How ? Now that is a tough question ?

What does a person with an old kitchen do or buy ?
Something that you could track and contact those people because you have a better chance that they are interested.

Could you strike up a friendship with some local plumbers for example ? They see a lot of kitchens and would know the ones that look a bit shabby.

What is something that breaks in older kitchens ? Maybe the door hinges. Would people buy new hinges at the hardware store to repair the door ? Could you track that and contact these people ?

I don't know what commission you get so I don't know if you could pay these contacts a finder's fee if the sale eventuates ?

What signage do you display on your kiosk ? Is it eye catching ? Presume it's some sort of before and after shot ? And that it has some reference to the more than reasonable price ?

When you talk to these people do you ask them questions or do you start telling them how much cheaper your option is compared to a new kitchen ? I would presume you'd mostly be talking to the women ?

"Are you happy with your kitchen ?"
What possible responses could you get to that question ?
Yes ? No ? Yes...but...? or they just ignore you ?
If they say No or Yes..but you have a chance

What about. "How much time do you spend in your kitchen ?"
Take the angle that if they spend that mush time there imagine how much better they'd feel with a bright new looking kitchen.

I can understand people's reluctance to book an appointment. A man's home is his castle after all. And remember castles used to have moats and drawbridges and big gates to keep people out.

People are doing a mental calculation about how much time your rep will take (and how much your companies phone calls will intrude on their life later) versus the disruption to their lives and the time they will lose. What can you do to move that scale in your favour ?

e.g. guarantee your rep will stay no longer than 1 hr ?
guarantee you'll not call while their football team is playing ? or her favourite soapie is on ?
offer a gift of some kind (preferably some sort of kitchen item)
You get the idea.
What would influence you or your wife or mother to allow someone into your home ?

In summary, you need to turn the game around and look at it from their shoes and ask "What's in it for Them ?"

Hope my ravings gives you some ideas.

Regards Greg

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