Decision Maker Clueless

by Regional Sales Manager

The so - called decision maker doesnt even know whats happening to the product/service / solution and finally the sale.


Without more detail I guessing your sale is being delayed because the guy holding the chequebook doesn't know what is going on.

That's where it's important to know many people within an organisation. It was something my colleagues and i practiced at my previous company. We knew many people at out major customers so we could keep up-to-date with developments and use our contacts internally to get things moving.

This is the sort of think that Sharon Drew Morgen writes about in Buying Facilitation and her new book "Dirty Little Secrets". It's not just about the sale it's about the organisation and the structure that exists within it and all the people that get involved in a decision for change.

So, all I can suggest is that you spread your net wide within the prospect company and look for the movers and shaker and potential allies.


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