I already have a supplier

by Daryl Ann, Avon Sales Rep
(Calgary, AB Canada)

"I already have an Avon Lady, thanks." or "I already have a store I buy my makeup at."


Hi Daryl Ann,

a pretty traditional objection.

Like many objections you need to first accept their response with some sort of empathy and then probe to find out more.

It's harder if they already deal with another Avon person because it's hard to differentiate the products. In that case you can only differentiate your service. You could enquire as to what types of products they buy and why and maybe make some offerings they have not considered. You would first need to position yourself well to make sure they didn't take your advice and then just continue to by from their existing Avon lady.

Similarly, enquiring about what products and brands they buy from another supplier gives you clues as to what they want and (assuming you know the market) what are the strengths and weaknesses of the other products compared to Avon's. This gives you an opportunity to suggest better alternatives or products that complement what they already use.

Hope this helps, Greg

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Mar 23, 2011
Another Angle
by: George

First of all if they already have another AVON lady, I would not suggest trying to take a customer from someone in the same company unless you know that they are being treated in a way that is not fair to the customer or to AVON.

But if you do get the "I already have a makeup destibuter." I would begin by asking who that is. IF you know the person say, "You know she is great at what she does, and I would love to show you how my products and services would greatly complement what she already does for you." If you do not know her, then say the same thing, except about the company. You can then finish by saying that by having the two complementary services she will be opening herself up to a variety of options which will allow her to better choose just the right product for her, and potentially save her money.

Hope this helps,

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