Overcome Objections

How do I overcome sales objections ?

The best way to overcome objections is not to create them. During your sales interaction build enough value to outweigh any possible objection. Focus on what is most important to the prospect.

At the same time address common objections you have run into in the past.

Do all of this using language specifically formulated to be music to the ears of your prospect.

If by some chance that does not work read my book Overcoming Sales Objections.

Hope this helps, Greg

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Mar 05, 2015
by: Greg

Thanks for the compliment Sara

Feb 15, 2015
by: sara

Thanks for the valuable information...

Jan 03, 2010
Find out What the Customer Wants
by: Sandra Zimmer

I agree that people in sales focus too much on objections. The way to not get many objections is to find out what the customer wants and really needs so you can address those things in what you say about your product or service. Sales works best when what you say is more in response to what they say they need. You talk less, they talk more and you simply respond to them. Stop worrying about objections and focus on being there for the customer.

Sandra Zimmer

Could not agree more Sandra.

So many sales people focus on overcoming objections and closing techniques which is like focusing on cake decorating instead of learning how to bake a cake.

Responding to the customer is vital, as you say, there are some subtle things you can do that can make your responses more aligned with the way they think and these things take you from being a good sales person to being an excellent sales person.

I cover some of these things in my book on responsive customers

Thanks for your comments Sandra.

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