I'm just looking

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"I'm just looking"

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Dec 15, 2015
Looking to ......
by: Greg

I'm just looking is usually a response to the sales question, "Can I help you?" or "What can I help you with?"

A sales trainer I know would say you should start with a different question, something they can't just dismiss, something they find it hard to disagree with.

"I can see you are looking at this car, I just can't understand why because I can see you are a person that belongs in an even better car" ... what are they going to say ? "No, I belong in a crappy old bomb of a car"

Or you could say, ... "You are looking in the wrong place sir, the really good cars are over here"

If you make a mistake and fall back into the old habit of asking "Can I help you?" and they respond with "Just looking" you could recover with... "Just looking ... to make a good decision" once again what are they going to say ... "No, I want to make a really stupid decision"

Of course, what you need is for them to be talking because they wouldn't be looking if they didn't have at least some interest in buying a car. And if they do not talk you cannot find out what that interest is and reconnect them to the idea they had about owning a new car.

Ultimately, they will convince themselves to buy, you can't really sell them but rather keep them talking and ask them questions so that they realise what they want and then just make it easy for them to get what they want.

Hope this help,

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