The need to think it over objection

by Zachary Parkinson
(Culpeper, Virginia 22701)

Countless times in my workplace here at the gym people tell me they need to think more about it...

Usually, I answer with, "what is it you need to think about?"

My thought process is that if I bring their objection right there out on the table I can overcome it, but for some odd reason it seems that no matter whether or not I overcome the objection people still need to, "think about it." what should I do?

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Feb 04, 2020

by: Greg

Hi Zachary,

what you are doing is the right approach.

I myself ask the question, "what specifically do you want to think about?"

Of course, that doesn't mean it's always going to work.

Let's think about why these people are hesitating.
I'm sure you do the usual things like explaining to them the best time to start is now and every day they wait is another day they live a less fit and healthy life. You may even take them into the future and get them to imagine how good it will be when they are leaner and healthier.
I'm going to assume you do those things.

But there could be something else and play here?

In my book, "Seven steps to responsive customers", I write about peoples Motivational and Behavioural traits. There could be one of those at play here?

For example, people can tend to be Procedural or more Option oriented.
People tend to act in consistent ways.
They either constantly search for new alternatives or tend to follow tried and true procedures.

Those people that constantly search for new ways believe there is always a better way to do things. They sometimes feel anxious concluding a deal as they can feel it closes off their options. Hence, they may want to think about it.

When dealing with these people you need to use words like:
break the rules just for them,
alternatives, possibilities,
another better way, unlimited possibilities, an alternative,
here are the options
Maybe you could even say something like, "it seems to me that the BEST way to keep your OPTIONS OPEN is to sign up today so that (explain how it keeps their options open)

Now if the person in front of you is procedural he may be hesitating because he is either not sure of how to go about buying or else he is faced with too many options and can’t decide.

The thing about these people is that once started on a procedure they are compelled to reach the end.
So, involve them in a step by step process.
Step 1 ...fill out this form
Step 2 ... take these measurements
Step 3 ... fill out what goals you want from being at the gym
Then after they know the steps stop in the middle of the sequence somewhere and ask them if they want to continue (this is building a habit in them to keep going with you)
The other thing with procedural people is not to give them too many options as it tends to confuse them.

Words to use with procedural people:
first this then..,
after which,
the right way,
tried and true,
proven methodology,
tell them about the routines they'll use in the gym (routines are procedures)

Options and Procedures are closely related to how people perceive time.
If your prospect lives out of a Day Planner or similar you can almost guarantee they are Procedures oriented.

Of course, it helps with both groups if you know and refer to their buying criteria but especially with Options people. And it would also help to modify your language depending on if they are motivated by "the carrot or the stick".

The other thing that could be going on is your prospect's "Convincer Mode".

For a full description of these traits, how to recognise them in your prospects by asking a few simple questions and how to adapt your actions to best get your point across and motivate them ... take a look at my book
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