Not Prepared for Price of Products ... "Sticker Shock"

"Sticker Shock"
Typically I can get them to see value in the products, but it's not enough. I think they come to the meeting with the intention of spending $15-20 and when they realize what they most want and would most benefit their family is $250-1,000 it's too big of a leap. They are not prepared going into it. Although I could sell them a single oil for $20, that isn't what will help them long-term fix their problems and truthfully, I'm not in the business of going on 1-2 hr sales calls to sell onesie-twosies. I'm at a loss for how to prep them prior to meeting w/them, but this would help me weed out people who are not serious about changing their health so I can spend more time with those that are! Obviously it's in my verbiage when setting up the appt.

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Mar 11, 2020

by: Greg


that's an interesting scenario.
I get that you are selling "oils for health"
And I appreciate your attitude when you write ... "Although I could sell them a single oil for $20, that isn't what will help them with a long-term fix for their problems "

Since you set the appointments, yes, by not qualifying them effectively you are wasting your own time.

So, firstly you need to be upfront and give some indication of your pricing.
Not without some reference to the value they'll gain though.
You need to be talking about good health and probably even ask some questions to find out the health challenges they have.
Then get them talking about how those health challenges affect them in terms of time, money, pain restrictions etc.
Then when you drop some indicative pricing on them you have something to fall back on.
If they say it's expensive you can come back with ..
"Yes I understand it's not cheap and I was wondering how these prices compare to your medical bills?"
"Yes, I appreciate they are quite an investment and I'm curious to know how long you have been putting up with [health issue]?" ... "Oh, that long ? And how do you feel about putting up with it for a lot longer?"
I think you get the idea.

Now, I don't have all the facts here but I'm assuming you sell to households rather than offices and factories.
If that's the case there is another angle you can take.
Many parents are prepared to do a lot more for their children and spend a lot more money on their children than they will on themselves.
Perhaps you can extoll the long term health benefits to their children of having your products?

There is another tactic often used in the car industry. Where they sell you the car first and then add the extras which builts the "sticker price" considerably.
One could question how ethically it is used in the car industry but you could find a way to use it.
Maybe sell them one or two oils with the guarantee to come back and see them at a later date and offer the full package.

The other thing going through my mind is what guarantee do you offer with your products?
Risk is a feeling that stops many people from making a purchase.

Hope these thoughts were helpful.

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