Sleight of Mouth

Powerful Language to Skyrocket Your Persuasion

Ever heard of the concept of Sleight of Hand ? Sounds similar to sleight of mouth, doesn't it?

In performing a magic trick, the magician's challenge is to redirect the audience's attention, in order to create an alternative visual experience. This redirection of attention is Sleight of Hand.

The phrase "Sleight of Hand" refers to a magicians' skills in making things happen which appear impossible.

Just as a magician can dazzle you with seemingly impossible feats so too a master of language can use their choice of words in a way that can redirect your attention or change your perceptions. What you were once sure of now seems open to doubt. What was unbelievable now seems possible.

Linguists and modelers studied the world's most powerful persuaders and uncovered a compelling and impressive set of language patterns. These patterns became known as "Sleight of Mouth".

Because, when done well they work like magic in dissolving objections !

In fact, this S.O.M system, once mastered, can allow you to always have a response that will effectively elucidate your position and help you to persuade rather than be persuaded.

Simply put, it will help you win any argument, handle any objection, be verbally powerful and powerfully verbal.

How useful would that be in handling sales objections ?

In using Sleight of Mouth there is a bit of an art in how to hear the objection and perhaps even get your prospect to repeat it in that way but once in that form you’ll have the ability to bend their original objection in many ways which will transform the way they think about it.

Let me give you some examples.

Let’s say you say to me, 
“I can’t hire you as a sales coach because I can’t afford it.”

I may respond with:
“If you always pass up future opportunities based on current circumstances you’ll miss out on a lot of good stuff in your life.”

Or, slightly different:
“ If you continually evaluate everything in your life based on whether you can afford it aren’t you putting a ceiling on your wealth, growth and experiences ?”

Or using another different pattern:
“How might the cost of not having my services actually cause you to choose to believe that you cannot afford not to buy my services?”

These are just some examples of how you can bend reality for your prospects using some of the 20 Sleight of Mouth Patterns.

And, just imagine these patterns for responding to objections become even more powerful when "stacked" and used in combination with each other !

If you'd like a Blueprint of how to handle objections as a simple infographic ...

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How much would you like to know more about these patterns for responding to objections ?

How much would you like to know All the Sleight of Mouth patterns ?

Would you like to be able to confidently respond to any objection you could receive in a sales call ?

How much more effective would that make you ?

How much more confident would you be as you entered into each new sales conversation knowing you had a method to respond to any objection a prospect might bring up ?

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