Cold calling

by Carlos

I would like to know better and proven practical tips and tricks to make cold calling more succesfull.


Hi Carlos,
I have commented on this page several times about cold calling please feel free to read the following pages I am about to link to.

Creating Excitement on a Cold Call and Following Up

In this post to Ryan I write about building excitement and getting a call back.


IN this reply to Mishra I discuss options other than cold calling and some ideas on how I used to approach cold calling

keeping positive

IN this reply to Christine I write about how to keep positive in the face of rejection when cold calling

Sales Close and Cold Calling

In these comments to Rohan I offer some of my personal methods of cold calling

I believe cold calling needs to be about courtesy and discovery and establishing rapport rather than pitching. I avoid scripts as they often sound unnatural and that doesn't help build rapport.

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